Starvoid (Under 10 in 30: Episode 5)

Starvoid is yet another entry in the now crowded "MOBA" genre. Following the basic gameplay mechanics of popular games such as League or Legends or DOTA, Starvoid fails to impress as it's key differentiator, the "FPS" style units feel rather tacked on. It didn't take too long to realize that with so many high quality MOBA style games out there, it' hard to justify spending even $10 on a mediocre one.

Starvoid offers no tutorial other than some pop-up texts that tries to explain complex game mechanics to you while you are fighting off the swarm of units your enemies is attacking with. The end result is that you have to act quickly and try to learn on the fly. You may think that as a MOBA veteran this would be easy enough right? 4-5 ability, item shops... I got this! Well, in an attempt to introduce "revolutionary" new FPS gameplay elements, Starvoid adds several layers of complexity. Complexity that is never properly explained to you, forcing you to learn as you go.

The game offers 3 gameplay modes although we spent all our time in the "Battle" mode during our video. You are able to pick from one of four hero "templates", although the game does allow you to create your own custom hero as well. From there you have access to 2 sets of abilities. The first set is your typical MOBA style moves. AOE damage, heals, lunges etc... The second set is the FPS element. You are able to summon units which each have their own sets of abilities and stats to fight along side you. Some have their own active and passive abilities which can create a lot of things to keep track of in battle. Each unit costs "upkeep" to maintain with a maximum of 100 upkeep. You hero also has access to thousands of upgrade: weapons, armor, passsive abilities, buffs etc.. etc... It is overwhelming and takes a significant time investment to truly master.

The real kicker here is that a game has paid DLC on top of the $9.99 price tag. Our advise? Stick with LoL, HoN or DOTA.

Buy it on Steam for $9.99.