Snapshot (Under 10 in 30: Episode 4)

Snapshot was a real treat to play. It essentially boils down to a simple puzzle-platformer akin to Braid, however instead of manipulating time to complete levels you need to manipulate the world itself via your magic camera. The game is broken down into different worlds which are comprised of 3 levels each. Each new world introduces increasingly difficult puzzles and forces you to think outside the box to solve them.

Snapshot is a real brain game. The platforming elements are trivial at best and only serve as a means to an end. The concept is devilishly simple: take a picture of an object to "capture" it and then re-place it somewhere else in the world (you can even rotate it) to solve a puzzle. The most basic example is moving a block from one area to another to climb up a previously unreachable ledge. As thing go on new complexities are introduced, in the video review we tackled rotating platforms as well as "no camera zones" which prevent you from capturing certain objects hidden behind them, forcing you think even harder. As seen in the video, it can get quite difficult at times. If you like games like Braid and Portal then Snapshot will be right up your alley.

My only real gripe with the game is that unlike Braid and Portal, Snapshot has no real personality. There is no witty writing or context for what unfolds in the game, nor is the art style truly unique or awe inspiring. The gameplay is good enough to recommend this game for anyone looking for their puzzle solving fix, but it lacks the charm and likability that puts its mentors over the top.

Buy it on Steam for $8.99. 10% offer ends today!

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This is another one that looks like it would work well on iOS (or at least be unique to that platform). Great job as always guys!