Faster Than Light (Under 10 in 30: Episode 6)

Faster Than Light is a unique indie title that focuses on turn based style combat while exploring the universe. Man your ship and assign crew members to command different critical sections of your ship: weapons, engine room, med bay etc... Random encounters focus on strategic use of both offensive and defensive ship capabilities and RPG elements round things out allowing you to upgrade your ship and it's crew members.

Faster Than Light is truly a gem. It's a PC indie title that almost feels like a board game in the way it plays out. FTL has you jumping from star to star in each scenario fighting the rebel fleet along the way via random encounters. Depending on the encounter you are sometimes given the option to negotiate a surrender or even bribe them off!

The core gameplay relies on assigning different crew members to "sections" of the ship such as weapons, engine room, navigation, shields or medic bay. The crew member provides bonuses to whichever section he's in and can even repair it if it takes damage. In combat it's important to assign the right crew members to the right stations and to ensure your weapons are targeting the critical parts of the enemy ship.

Beyond that there is a shop/trade system that allows the purchase and sale of ship parts. You can also recruit new crew members from a variety of backgrounds and with varying strengths and weaknesses. It's very hard to describe what makes Faster Than Light so awesome, but the best analogy I can give is that it's an experience very close to playing a game of RISK or Axis and Allies. Tons of depth, infinite replayability and a easy to pick difficult to master gameplay style.

Buy it on Steam for $9.99.

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Wasn't this on Kickstarter? Great episode guys.

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It was!