Costume Quest (Under 10 in 30: Episode 10)

Costume Quest is yet another game we played that was first a XBLA/PS3 downloadable title. We picked it up on the steam Halloween sale 50% off. Yes it's being posted a week after Halloween, you can blame me for that. Life took over and I didn't have the time to get this up on time. I still recommend watching the episode as the game is great fun. It is unfortunately no longer under $10 since the sale is over, but I'm very comfortable recommending this at the full $15 price tag. It's short term fun, but the dialogue alone is worth the price of entry.

Buy it on Steam for $14.99.

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I HIGHLY recommend it, even at $15. It is an absolute blast, with a new take on old gaming mechanics. Twisted Metal's David Jaffe was recently going crazy over it, and for good reason. An easy 8.5/10 for me, despite the length.