Blocks That Matter (Under 10 in 30: Episode 7)

Blocks That Matter is a minecraft inspired game based in an alternate reality in which two popular swedish game developers get kidnapped and their cube-buddy creation is sent to save them. You can run and jump like any conventional platformer, however the emphasis is on puzzle solving using Minecraft like abilities to collect and replace different types of blocks to clear the various obstacles.

Blocks That Matter follows a level based progression system like most other puzzle games of it's ilk. You control a tetrabot who is tasked with rescuing popular developers Alexey (Tetris) and Markus (Minecraft) who have been taken hostage/kidnapped (It's not entirely clear, and to be fair we kind of ran through the story elements OK?) You can break down various types of blocks by either drilling into them or hitting them from below via a jump. Once you have at least 4 blocks you can replace them into the world in Tetris like shapes, with the base having to be connected to any other surface, meaning you can't make floating formations.

The blocks are direct references to famous blocks in games that inspired the developers, such as a ?-block from Super Mario Bros., an Aperture Science Weighted Companion Cube from Portal, Rubik's Cube, and a die, hence the "blocks that matter" Cute,eh?

The game itself is fairly amusing and can get pretty tricky at very early stages. You really have to be a true puzzle game fan to enjoy this but there are quite a few levels and the level of depth will not cease to amaze you, plus the jokes are pretty funny too!

Buy it on Steam for $4.99.