Babel Rising (Under 10 in 30: Episode 2)

Babel Rising, a long time favorite on the iOS App store has just recently hit Steam and Patrick and co. are back to give you a quick tour of the game and walk you through the first levels. Sounds familiar right? Well little did we know that this was yet another iOS-->PC port. We go in-depth in the video.

Babel Rising has you playing God. Literally. You're God and your goal is to stop the Babylonians from building their Tower and reaching the heavens. In order to do this you are giving 4 schools of Godly magic powers: Fire, Earth, Water and Wind. Simple enough right? You use the mouse to control and either 'drag' your mouse for one type of magic attack or click for another. This type of control scheme works relatively well but it becomes quite obvious that this game had touchscreen roots as dragging your mouse across the screen does not feel as good as it would if it were your finger.

Essentially, you use the aforementioned powers to 'smite' the Babylonians as they try to run up the tower to build it. Each school of magic has an ultimate ability as well to save you in a pinch. There are a few types of enemies such as the priest shown in the video who has the ability to render himself immune to one of your schools of magic, forcing you to switch in order to kill him. Not as deep as it sounds.

For $9.99 we expected a lot more and having gone through the first series of levels we just felt that the game was very tedious. Individual levels can be 8-15 minutes long each, which doesn't sound abnormal until you realize that each level feels very similar to the last and the gameplay is mindnumbingly repetitive. The game is a good example of how not to port a game from mobile to PC, or at least a good example in over-charging.

Buy it on Steam for $9.99.

We recommend you buy the $0.99 iOS vesion to try before you commit to the full $9.99 steam version.

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This actually made me want to try the iOS version for Mobile Gaming Month lol