Ou Ya! Ouya's Kickstater comes to a ridiculously successful end

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last few weeks, OUYA is a new $99 Android based console being developed and funded via Kickstarter.

So just how much money did they raise? With an initial goal of just under $1 million, they managed to scoop up over $8.5 million from over 63,000 individual backers. Those who backed the project with $95 or more get a free Ouya console of their own.

Ouya still has a long way to go and while collecting a check for $8.5 million will definitely help things along the real indicator of success will be if gamers embrace the new console and it's unique vision of bringing Android 'mobile' games to your living room.

Ouya recently announced 4 controller support for it's console as well as OnLive support and a partnership with Square Enix.

With the new Xbox, Wii U and Playstation 4 just around the corner, Ouya has it's work cut out for it, however it seems to have all the ingredients necessary for it to carve itself a niche in the casual gamer market.

Update: Pre-Orders are now OPEN.

$109 USD will net you 1 Conole and 1 Controler, shipping costs are even included! Now that's a vision of the future.

International (read: non-US) buyers will need to spend an additional $10 for shipping, bring their total to $119.

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Tylerr Rietze's picture

From the looks of it, it will definitely carry games that are more powerful than just a mobile Android game, as they just partnered with Namco Bandai, and hinted towards the newest Tekken being available, and are taking fan suggestions, who are then naming all of the latest games by the company, so I think it's going to be more powerful than we think. I am so excited, especially because buying one gives you a dev kit for it so anyone can make games.

George Prax's picture

I don't think it's fair to compare it to the next gen of gaming. It's going to be totally different. A better comparison would be like Apple's Airplay or the cheaper side of steam. But it's great, and I'm sort of regretting not backing it now lol

Patrick Bach's picture

I do think it's fair to compare it to next gen gaming as it is in direct competition of your television. I have a feeling the Ouya may get a lot of initial buy-in from curious gamers but will it hold onto them when the Wii U et al are released with their next gen games? Sure the Ouya is much more affordable but you have to factor console life cycle as well and by the looks of the current gen of consoles, they're just getting longer.

Your TV time is valuable and so are your limited HDMI ports.

George Prax's picture

I don't think that the Ouya is going to stop people from buying consoles. As much third party support as it could possibly have, it will never be able to run AAA titles. The people who will buy Ouyas are most likely the people who will already have another console. Sure it's more affordable but it doesn't seem like it will be the same experience at all. It's like saying the Vita competes with the iPhone. Just because you can play it on the go doesn't mean that it does the same thing.