Game Director of Diablo III says: "F*** That Loser"


What happens when a veteran game developer decides to use Facebook as a soapbox to bash the creator of one of gaming's most beloved series? Drama.

Current Diablo III game direction Jay Wilson exchanges rather cadidly with other Blizzard employees on Technical Artist Chris Haga's Facebook page after he posted the link to an interview with David Brevik (Diablo I and II Project Lead) on and stated that he felt the team had been 'thrown under the bus'.

First of all, you should know better than to make such comments on Facebook. To be fair, Brevik's comments were fairly tame and well structured. It is not uncommon for a series creator who is no longer a part of it's development to give his feedback on how he thinks it's held it's own. Sometimes it's good, other times it's bad. There has to be a minimum level of respect for someone who helped shape one of gaming's greatest franchises whether you disagree with his feedback or not.

The real insult here is that gamers felt that Jay Wilson's comments might as well have been directed at them, as they shared the same concerns as Brevik. Fans took Jay Wilson's comments rather personally as the Facebook conversation went viral rather quickly.

"Don't worry about it Haga, you made the fastest selling game of all time. He made Hellgate: London" is quite the oversimplification. The reason Diablo III sold as much as it has is because of the popularity and success that the two previous entries garnered. It's the fans of Diablo 2 that made the highly anticipated sequel a roaring success, not because of Chris Haga's abilities as a Technical Artist (Note: No disrespect meant for Mr. Haga as we're sure he's quite competent at what he does)

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That was pretty dumb of him to say that but honestly it kind of made me laugh.