BWP Plays: Borderlands 2 (with full intro and commentary)

The highly anticipated Borderlands 2 finally came out this month and as a special treat the crew from "Under 10 in 30" decided to give you guys an hour long video!

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the game. It was everything a fan of the original title could hope for and more. The graphics alone are able to achieve a highly stylized look while also being technically impressive, a rare feat that few games are able to achieve (read: Wind Waker) as usually the stylized look is served to sometimes cover up shortcomings on the technical side.

The most impressive aspect of Borderlands 2 however is the writing, hands down. It's clever, witty and oh so charming. The voice acting is top notch and really manages to pull you into the lore and atmosphere of Pandora. The characters themselves are unique and memorable and you'll be quoting them repeatedly.

We'll hold out from giving out any scores quite yet, as a full formal review is being written as we speak from another BWP blogger however I'll give you a nudge if you're sitting on the fence: SHUT UP AND GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!