Alex Trebek Gets Revenge On Conan O'Brien

Over the last few months, Conan O'Brien has found considerable success poking fun at Alex Trebek and, when you think about it, the way he talks, in bit where he mashes up the things he says on Jeopardy! into rambunctious nonsense. It's actually pretty funny, and Conan has gotten good use out of it almost weekly on his show.

But as always on late night television, a bit like this doesn't happen without an endgame that involves the person being made fun of. And on Monday night, Trebek finally got his payback, appearing on Conan to set the record straight about how he's not (or might be) crazy and turn the tables on the late night host, presenting him with his own mashup of Conan saying crazy things in his monologue.

Next up on Trebek's revenge list: Sean Connery.

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Tylerr Rietze's picture

What a pro. I wouldn't have been able to say "Wassuuuup" on Conan without at least smirking.