'MTV's SCREAM' S01E02 Recap: "Did you just lock me in... or out?"

As a horror nerd, it's usual for me to take mental count on suspect behaviour amongst characters. Lingering shots, attached ex-boyfriends, intelligible side characters, and what I refer to as 'trope-awareness monologues'. As I take count in this episode, I begin to lose my number. There's something to be said for a single red herring, but when flocks start happening, you just know the going is good. With episode two, the fears I discussed in the pilot recap are firmly laid to rest. This show is going somewhere, and it's awesome to see it happening so early on.

The overall allegory held in this episode is the effect that modern technology is having on the lives and mental state of modern teenagers. Truth be told, I also think that's the entire point behind the show at the moment. The invasive recording, smart phones always in hand, the way a hashtag can gain you fame. This whole thing is playing on the themes running rampant in 'Scream 4'. This is not a bad thing. As I stated previously, the great thing about Scream 4, is how it took the backbone of the original, then applied it to a modern audience. MTV know there will be kids younger than eighteen watching this show, and they're making it relatable to their culture, their world.

The great thing about this theme is that it allows the writers to play with the genre from many different angles. Shares and likes, instagram posts, hashtags, and I'm half expecting the view of a death via Skype call soon. The writer's could have so much more in store over the season that I'm just as interested in their creativity than the show itself.

One thing that's worth a mention is, while there are only one or two recurring motifs, I'm also finding the score fits the mood perfectly. It adds a sort of gothic tension to each scene. Strings mixed with modern technology creating a sort of dissonance. Violins always make tension more palpable in my opinion, and it definitely seems to be working here.

I'm trying to keep my reviews/recaps to a spoiler-minimum, which is incredibly hard, because there was so much to talk about here. To sum my highlights and thoughts up (while trying to keep things spoiler free):

  • Would you suspect the local crime show host? Hits are everything these days...
  • Trending hashtags still grab people's attention.
  • Spontaneous appearance of ex-boyfriends are always suspect.
  • Liqourice whips can be sexy.
  • This one is very good at framing people... or is there more than one?
  • Awkward dudes have no game. Ninja's are racist.
  • For god's sake, don't close the damn window when you're clearly being cased!

Let's hope this upward trajectory stays well in place. This episode is much more highly recommended, especially for genre fans.