Skyrim DLC Teased, Proves Bethesda Are Full Of Themselves

News of the hotly anticipated Skyrim DLC has finally emerged, and you can view it in all of its glory up above! Yes, that's right, rather than give us actual news of the first add-on to Bethesda's sprawling, epic, hiking simulator, they chose to give us a picture. Teasing an announcement for news. An announcement of timed exclusive Xbox DLC that we won't hear anything of until E3 in two months. This is the current state of the videogame industry right here, folks!

So, as Bethesda are reluctant to do anything more than drum up hype for extra content 5 months after the base game launches, I think we should do some brainstorming of our own! The first new detail is in the eyes, obviously, it's also the only new detail we've been shown (photoshopped eyes are now considered a reveal, apparently). Personally, I hope the eyes are symbolic of the game potentially getting a vast improvement to the role of the vampire. Dawnguard could also allude to this. It would be awesome if they added a ragtag group of noble vampires, a new, join-able faction tasked with stopping an ancient darkness from engulfing Skyrim. I would be pretty happy with this, and it sounds like something Bethesda would write. It would also give them a chance to improve upon the vampire, and maybe even the werewolf, both of which are sorely in need of some interesting upgrades.

Another thing Dawnguad could allude to is the Mythic Dawn cult that was disbanded after the events of Oblivion. Mehrunes Dagon, the Daedra they worship, already plays a slight role in the game as it is, so expanding upon him more would be quite nice. Of course all of this would mean the return of Oblivion gates, a very exciting prospect indeed, providing they give them a severe upgrade from what they were in the game of their namesake. Huge, randomly generated dungeons, and a looting system akin to Diablo and Borderlands, where there are thousands of weapon possibilities being generated behind the scenes. An add-on like this would extend the life of the game far beyond the next few years, should they do it right.

These are pretty much all the ideas I have right now. I know the article started off rather inflammatory, but I do it because I really want this game to work, though I feel it's beyond saving. They can extend the experience all they want, but if the core mechanics of the product they are trying to expand are bad, then that won't change with a simple add on area or quest line. Skyrim is the sole defective product in a family of very good Action-RPG's; The difference between it and the rest of them may be pleasing to the eyes, but should you expand upon the game's concept, you'll only be ensuring a downfall in quality when it comes to the rest of your products. Let's hope the next game comes out a little more like Morrowind and Oblivion, eh?

The DLC will initially be exclusive to 360 for an undisclosed amount of time, and will be arriving this summer. More news in 2 months, I guess!

Source: Bethesda Blog

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You mad?

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Only a little, though I have deleted my review as I would like to keep my integrity. I'm thinking of writing up a '5 months later...' review soon, talking about how it held up in the long run.