E3 2014 Recap: Nintendo is Finally Bringing Some Heat

Nintendo showed up to E3 in a much more modest fashion than Sony and Microsoft, with a few major new announcements today, some expected, some not so expected.

Read on to grab a look at them in action!

Amiibo Toy Range

Nintendo looks set to dive into the collectible NFC toy range this fall with the Amiibo toy range. These toys work in much the same way as their Skylanders and Disney Infinity counterparts, though they have a distinctly unique twist to them. Each toy will work across a number of Nintendo games, with the first such game being Super Smash Bros for Wii U, allowing you to call the represented character into battle while playing as a Mii character.

These could honestly be very big for Nintendo, with many people jumping on the collectible NFC toy range every year with Skylanders. Not only do they offer great value for money, but they expand upon existing gameplay.

Amiibo are due late 2014, just in time for Smash Bros U, it would seem.

Yoshi's Wooly World

Yoshi's Wooly World is poised to be somewhat of a spiritual sequel to Kirby's Epic Yarn. You can use your yarn powers to do all the usual action/platformer things, like hover, reach new places, manipulate your surroundings, eat whoever is second player. The usual. It also reminds this writer of Little Big Planet a fair aount, so there's that!

It currently has a tentative release date of 2015 (a recurring theme!)

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker


The best part of the recent Super Mario 3D World gets its own standalone game, and it's looking incredibly fun. The top down/isometric viewpoint lends itself incredibly well to the environmental puzzle platforming the game is built around. You can check out the trailer below, but if you've played Super Mario 3D World, you already know what you're buying into!

The Legend of Zelda (Wii U)

It looks beautiful, it will feature a fully open world, and everything shown was captured using the in-game engine running at full 1080p on Wii U (no confirmation on fps yet). This is definitely the Wii U's game changer right now, showcasing the real power of the system in the hands of those who know how to utilise it. Also, it seems Link is quickly turning into Nintendo's new mascot (with a jab at thrown in about it during the presentation itself),

Check it out in high definition below!

Bayonetta 2

The most significant thing mentioned about Bayonetta 2 was that it will also come with Bayonetta bundled in with it as standard. Other than that, we have Samus Aran and Link outfits, and a great looking new trailer, which you can find below.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

The follow up to the Wii's critically acclaimed, (now) madly expensive RPG Xenoblade Chronicles looks better every time we see it. It's now been confirmed to feature full player customisation (gender, hair, clothing, gear, voice), as well as a massive open world to fight your way through. The setting also seems to have switched to one of intergalactic struggle, most likely allowing for a lot of movement in the flight-capable mechs you're equipped with.

This one is still the one to watch out for, and after Xenoblade fared so well with western audiences, Nintendo and Monolith won't likely be pulling any punches with this one.

Mario Maker

It's a Mario Level creator, I don't think any more needs to be said!

And those were all the major announcements from Nintendo this year. A fantastic looking handful of Wii U games, most of which seem to be swaying public opinion towards purchasing the system. Just what Nintendo needs right now to finally give the Wii U a kick up the rear end it sorely deserves, though likely not enough to put it ahead of the Playstation 4. We'll most likely find out how it fares once Smash Bros releases this winter, just in time for christmas