Television's top 5 lovable losers

Hello and welcome to yet another edition of the top 5. And they thought i'd be cancelled by now! Mwahaha.

Anywhoo, the top 5 this week focuses on lovable losers of the television world. I'd include Bill O Reilly on this list, but apparently that's not an act folks. Yikes.

5) Alan Harper "Two and a Half Men"

A divorced penniless chiropractor living in his brothers home with a son that doesn't respect him. Sounds just wonderful. He never has enough cash due to the ridiculous alimony he has to pay his ex wife, and despite the fact that they are divorced, Alan is completely whipped by her. And everyone else he encounters in his day to day activities. What makes the character redeemable is simply that he's so pathetic, so worthless, that we love watching him fail at everything he tries. He's the Lebron James of television. Despite all of this, he's the funniest character on the show, due to get a lot more screen time once Charlie Sheen's character drives his mercedes off a cliff.

Examples of "Loserness"
-While trying to gain extra money, Alan takes on a job product testing for a pharmaceutical company. He falls variety to a number of ailments, including thinning hair.
- Was Charlie Sheen's lapdog for 8 years
-His son looks like a fat Hayley Joel Osmont

4) Gil "The Simpsons"

Gil is the hapless grey haired sadsack who is routinely shown in dead end jobs, or in dead end situations. He's actually based on Jack Lemmon's character from "Glengarry Glenn Ross", which speaks a lot about his character. Gil is undeniably lovably, if only because, like everyone else on the list, he is a pathetic loser with no success in his life. His funniest moments are often one's that showcase the endless failure that is his life. Gil, like most of the Simpsons cast, is starting to wear out his welcome in terms of comedy, as his schitck is getting pretty old. However, he can still be funny, and he hasn't be entirely overused. (Like Sideshow Bob)

Examples of "Loserness"

3) Butters "South Park"

Perhaps the dumbest person on this list, "Butters" Leopold Stotch is the naive, vulnerable 8 year old who is almost always tortured at the hands of the sadistic Eric Cartman. He fails at mostly everything at life, and not only that, his alter ego's also fail. His super villian alter ego, Professor Chaos has tried time and time again to destroy the world, never succeeding. Never coming close, even. Oh, and he's murdered tens of people tap dancing. Oh, and he's been bought by Paris Hilton.

Examples of "Loserness

2) Larry David "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

Larry David is the master of being not only a loser, but an awkward loser. Whenever he fails, it's usually publicly and in a grand spectacle. He's won a few times on "Curb", but the losses far outweigh the wins. David gets to number two on the list specifically because his losses are horrible, but also oddly relatable. Sometimes you watch and think, shit, that could happen to me. Larry's everyman quality combined with the fact that his failures are so bad you enjoy watching them, but almost feel pangs of guilt at doing so.

Examples of "Loserness"

1) George Costanza "Seinfeld"

Well, he's based on Larry David, so that should tell you something. George Costanza is Biff Loman in the body of a bald, fat, unemployed new yorker. He can never find happiness and fails at everything he tries to do, no matter how small or easy it may seem. Costanza has had TV pilots fail, he's lost an immeasurable number of women because of his weird quirks, and he's lost a number of jobs because of ridiculous fuck ups.

So, behold your number one lovable loser, George Costanza!

Examples of "Loserness"

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haha awesome list. Top two is perfect. Could have just put the entire collection of Curb and Seinfeld on there lol