Captain America Review

Captain America, the end to the "Super Hero Summer" has finally donned his blue tights and indestructible shield and made his way into theaters across the world. Essentially, the film is about 90 pound weakling Steve Rogers, brooklyn born all american who is big on heart and small on just about everything else. All he wants to do is join the army during WWII and defend his country against the Nazi's. He keeps being rejected, 4 times by the time we first see him, due to a plethora of illnesses like asthma, poor night vision, etc.

He goes to a world of the future exhibit and gives it one last go. He's surprised when a german scientist, played wonderfully by Stanley Tucci, actually gives him a shot; literally. He's chosen to be part of an experiment to be turned into a super soldier. It works, and he's Captain America.

The film isn't really that much different than any Super Hero movie you can watch on Netflix. It's an origin story so it follows the basic outline, meet hero, see transformation, toss in hot girl for romantic interest, have evil guy, defeat evil guy, get home before supper.

However, Chris Evans brings an every man sort of likeability to the role. He doesn't really get a chance to bring his well known humor to the character, but he does manage to make Captain America more than just a cardboard cut out. We can see the depth of his character which can be incredibly difficult with Super Heroes.

Evans is part of the reason the film works. The other part is the supporting cast. Tommy Lee Jones is without a doubt the best part of this movie, playing a snarky, sarcastic Colonel in charge of Rogers unit. Then we have Hugo Weaving, our villian, who is very good in his role as a Nazi gone mad(der?) I've already mentioned Stanley Tucci, but honestly, who knew this guy could pull off a german accent this well?

Hayley Atwell is nothing special as the romantic interest, but she really doesn't have to do much here other than smile and look pretty.

All in all, Captain America has strength in it's acting and it's actors, but the plot is so basic, the lines can be very very cheesy, and it simply does not transcend the genre like say, "Batman Begins" did, or the original "Superman", or for you fanboys out there, "The Dark Knight". It is simply another entry in the Super Hero cannon, and not a particularly memorable one at that.

Perhaps one of the reasons is that Captain America doesn't seem that intimidating to me. Sure, he's got big muscles, but take away his shield and shoot him, and that's the end of the franchise. He gets his shield taken away twice in the movie, and each time he cowers behind a corner until he gets it back. But i digress.

If I had to rate this film in one word, it would be "meh."

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Phil T's picture

sums up nicely why i'm not excited for this one bit.

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I completely disagree. It's not Batman Begins or X-Men: First Class, but it's an origin story that, yes, has become typical, but essentially told in the style of a propaganda film, which makes it fresh and different from what we've seen before, even though the plot's simple. The action is great, the acting is great as are the visuals, so once you let go the fact that this is just another origin story, it's a great popcorn film, and I attribute a lot of that to the World War 2 setting. But I'll save anything else I have to say until I post a second opinion on this movie, because IMO it deserves a much better score.