BWP Top 5: Where are they now?

Hello and welcome to another edition of the motha fuckin top 5. Today we look at the top five celebrities from the 90's that have gone awol. These people were household names that appeared in their share of big movies, but somehow fell by the wayside so suddenly. Anyways, let's get on with it.

5) Neve Campbell

The Scream Franchise, The Craft, Party of Five, Wild Things
Neve Campbell arguably made her biggest mark on hollywood by starring in the "Scream" Franchise as Sidney Prescott. She also had roles in some other notable films, such as "The Craft", and "54", and had a starring role on TV's "Party of Five."

After the aforementioned roles, Campbell's filmography takes a Charlie Sheen-esque career nosdive. Ever heard of "Investigating Sex?" How about "Blind Horizon?" Yeahh.. me neither. In fact, the only relevant movies she's managed to get in have been "The Company", which didn't exactly set the world on fire, and "Scream 4", a franchise so run into the ground that it might as well have an all mole people cast.

So, What happened?
So, how did Campbell go from fresh faced hollywood starlet to second female lead in "Relative Strangers?"

First, she had to turn down several juicy, blockbuster roles (Armageddon) because of schedule conflicts with "Party of Five."

Second, the movies that she did pick were critical darlings, but had a very small release. So, technically, she's still acting, she just isn't acting in important movies. And she's 37 now, so don't expect Scream 4 to be her launching pad back into the public forum.

Still though, remember her makeout session with Denise Richards in "Wild Things?" Thanks for that Neve, the male sex really owes you for that one.

4) Orlando Jones

Evolution, The Replacements, Bedazzled, MADTV, Office Space
Okay, so, Orlando was never a big fish exactly. But, he was a very successful character actor that made a lot of decent films in the 90's and early 00's. The pinnacle of his career was probably starring in "Evolution", a sci-fi comedy with Julianne Moore, David Duchovny, and an up and coming young star (at the time) named Seann William Scott. Since Evolution bombed at the box office in 2001, Jones had a few bit parts here and there, never really gaining the star status he seemed headed for.

So, What Happened?
Tough to say. It's not like he picked a string of bad movies; he was in 2003's "Runaway Jury", which garnered fair critical praise and made some bank. It appeared that Jones tried to break into some dramatic roles in movies that didn't do too well, even though he was mostly known for comedy. However, he is starring in a new ABC sitcom called "Identity", so perhaps that will get him out of his slump.

3) Jason Biggs

The guy who stuck his dick in a pie.

Yep. Remember Jason Biggs fucking an apple pie? That was the pinnacle of his career. He pretty much only has the American Pie franchise to his credit, but back in the 90's, he was an up and coming star who had cornered the market on "geeky every man", who, for some god forsaken reason, stuck his dick in a pie in a movie. I remember watching that as a kid and laughing my balls off. Now I just feel dirty. Dirty, and pity for Biggs. His TV show "Mad Love" just got cancelled by the way, and other than a cameo in "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back", the dude hasn't gotten into too many good movies.

So, what happened?
Seriously? You have to ask? THE GUY STUCK HIS COCK IN AN APPLE PIE. You could have started picking out the burial plot for his career right after that happened. Could you ever see Jason Biggs star in an Oscar nominated movie, or better yet, ever get nominated? No, because then they'd have to give an Oscar to a guy who's schlong was balls deep in Pie crust.

2) Matthew Lillard

The Scooby-Doo Franchise, Scream, She's all that, Hackers
Matthew Lillard was another one of the "it" people from the late 90's leading into the early 00's. He was in Scream, and for whatever reason, every time Freddy Prinze Jr. was in a movie, Lillard was beside him. (Holy shit, Prinze Jr should be on this list.)

Then suddenly, boof bam pow, no more Lillard. His movies dried up faster than Paris Hiltons' snatch whenever you mention the word "math".

So, What happened?

Basically what happened was, like the previous entries on this list, Lillard chose bad movies to be a part of. He was involved in a movie called "SLC Punk!" which showcased the fact that he had some acting chops. He followed that potential star making performance with roles in "She's all that", "Summer Catch", etc, ruining his chances at being taken seriously.

Holy shit, I just realized I could pretty much take the entire cast of "Scream" and include them on this list. Rose McGowan, Skeet Ulrich, Matthew Lillard, Neve Campbell, Jamie Kennedy, the list goes on!

1) Shannyn Sossamon

40 Days and 40 Nights, A Knight's Tale, The Rules of Attraction, One Missed Call
This one is sad, because I was in love with this girl. She was 90's hot, the casual, messy looking yet still insanely hot chick who broke into hollywood in "A Knight's tale." yes, some may say, technically she started her career in 2001, and that is not the 90's. To that I say, fuck you.
Anyway, after 'Knight's tale', she puttered around hollywood, making her biggest movie, 40 Days and 40 Nights. Then, like a fart in the wind, she was gone.

So, What happened?
Well, she shit out a baby, so that's never good. Plus, she named him "Audio Science." The Fuck?? She took some time off after the baby, and when she returned she focused more on indie stuff. Then, with roles drying up faster than Paris Hiltons' snatch when you mention the word "school", she took "One Missed Call", a huge critical and financial flop, and she's been relegated to guest stars on TV shows since.

Sad, because she was smoking hot.

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George Prax's picture

Audio Science? Really? You're shitting me right?

Fun fact about Jason Biggs: Even though his shitty show got cancelled, CBS has a holding deal with him and they're apparently committed to putting him into more shitty shows that aren't going to last more than one season.

Fun fact about Freddie Prinze Jr: He wrote for WWE for a few years, but recently left when he realized WWE sucks. Also he was a badass agent on 24 in its last season. Plus the dude gets to bang Buffy so I'd say he has it good.