Veep S06E10: The Most Devastating Lines From 'Groundbreaking' [Season Finale]

I don't doubt that there was more material left for Veep to explore in Selina's post-presidential life. There are, for example, a plethora of ways she could have been used as a political tool, or maybe as a lobbyist or even in the private sector. That being said, I'm very glad the show decided to cap end a sixth season that's been somewhat inconsistent and, at best, contentious among fans, by coming full circle and giving Selina another door towards the presidency, as they did in "Groundbreaking". It just feels like the right way to move this show forward. This is what Selina has always wanted, and the way they took the presidency away from her in season 5, while brilliant and perfect for this character, left a gap in this show that couldn't otherwise be filled without revisiting her greatest desire once again.

You can maybe call that evidence of the show writing itself into a corner. Ex-president Selina sounded cool, and had a lot of potential, but it wound up being almost entirely squandered by being directionless, and by calling out that exact thing we all know Selina really wanted in the first episode, when she asks all her smart friends what they think about her running for president, and they all shoot her down as being the political equivalent of toxic waste.

It turns out that the show just needed a way to cleanse Selina of her toxicity. The answer was obvious, too, and as simple as riding the wave of positivity Selina been seeing ever since the world found out last week that she was the one who freed Tibet, and not president Montez. After that, all that was left was for the smart people, aka Dan, Ben and Kent to be free to work for her again, and to bury her library before they even break ground by leaking to Brian Huskey's Leon West that the site for it used to be quarters for slaves. The season ends with Huskey replacing Mike as her speechwriter (Mike's taken a job at an adult learning facility), and Amy pregnant with Dan's baby, and Selina announcing her intent to explore the possibility of another run at the presidency, just as, of all people, Jonah is doing the same with his own team of quacks by his side in Tanz, Teddy Sykes (the returning Patton Oswalt, who says nothing but concerns Jonah with his mere presence, and Diedrich Bader's Bill Ericsson, setting up a showdown between Selina and Jonah on a presidential debate stage (presumably) that's been years in the making.

But while we look forward to the show's future, I don't want to gloss over a lot of the great stuff that was in the finale. First and foremost, the show wasted no opportunity to make jokes at the expense of Selina's library design, which of course looks like a vagina, complete with a clitoral tomb under which she's meant to be buried. There's also a pretty inspired array of time jumps which shows Selina throughout her political history, expanding on her motivations, the disdain she's had for Catherine from birth, her husband's serial infidelity and how she enabled it to help her career, even the day she met Gary.

It turns out that all of those flashbacks, all of the jokes about the library, all the posturing throughout the season was setup for the final reveal. Part of me wants to chastise the show for giving us a transitional season, but none its faults have ever taken away from how absurdly funny the show almost always is. "Groundbreaking" is no exception, and along with the excitement I feel for the show's future, that's enough for me to give it 9 twats of our own making out of 10.

Notes & Quotes:

  • Lots of returns in this episode, from the aforementioned Patton Oswalt and Diedrich Bader to a camdeo from Randall Park's Danny Chung, implying he might be running for president next season as well.
  • Jaffar looking legitimately upset after Selina breaks up with him because he's Muslim and then Selina crying on her way down the escalator is about as close to real emotion as this show will ever get, and it's pretty great.
  • Among the great jokes not associated to any particular line that i found great in this episode: Danny Chung's catchphrase "it's time for a chunge," Selina's Vagibrary, Jonah offering a "Final Solution", McLintock Cervix, and when Selina refers to her daughter as "Catherine Kinte."
  • Line Of The Night: Two references to real-life tragedies that were equally great and brutal for me.
  • Quote:

    Furlong: "You're about as welcome here as Jerry Sandusky at an open call for Oliver."

    Ben, to Mike: "No, Amy is Ringo, you're Mark David Chapman's bullet."

  • Amy: "Jesus I need to get drunk and slop-fuck an intern."
  • Andrew: "As soon as I heard what a vulnerable statr you were in I got on the first flight."
  • Selina (while Gary hovers over her): "He's like this demented creep who follows me around and gets all in my personal life and thinks about me 24/7 nonstop."
  • Amy/Selina: "They're working on the engineering, they say it's a little unstable." "Also what it's like to be a woman."
  • Mike: "What if we own this? Not in a slavey way."
  • Selina: "I'm not going to have my vagibrary underground railroaded by this."
  • "Selina, if she was a male Veep: "We'd be off shotfunning beers and sucking each other off, like Carter and Mondale."
  • What's about as likely as Furlong passing prison legislation for Tanz? Will: "As me walking out of a bar with less than ten types of semen in my hair."
  • Tanz: "You want a dried apricot? They're Turkish. Anything I can do to annoy the Armenians."
  • Selina: "Slaved have ruined my library, so can you stop attacking me?"
  • Amy/Selina: "Last night I drreamt I removed Leon West's balls with an ice cream scoop and I think I actually came." "Is everything always ice cream with you?"
  • Selina: "Who CC'd Mike?"