Veep S06E07 Recap: The Most Devastating Lines From 'Blurb'

It took seven episodes and some very apparent growing pains, but the post-presidency season of Veep finally came together in "Blurb" to reach the true potential of what TV's gold standard of current sitcoms can and should be. I feel like I've been saying this every week, but it's not as if the show hasn't been good so far (you can look back to previous reviews to see that I've doled out a couple of nines and even a ten among the first six episodes), but there was always this underlying problem, this idea that things weren't quite coming together, that the show was lacking a semblance of purpose now that Selina was ostensibly out of politics.

It seems as the way to remedy that was to have her incidentally affect the world of politics around her. Selina's been involved in episodes past, be it through her fleeting attempts to incept herself into the Supreme Court in "Justice", oversee the democratic elections in "Georgia", or even last week's whirlwind episode "Qatar", in which Selina shacks up with a Saudi prince in order to orchestrate third world dealings with China, but thee was always a semblance of purpose in her actions in those episodes, a malevolence that seemed to miss what always made the show great. We've talked about this all season, the problem with Veep is that Selina Meyer is inherently a terrible person. She's selfish, ignorant, and terrible to the people around her. When those people aren't smart enough or motivated enough to reign her in, she basically becomes a profane super villain, intelligent enough to get people hurt but lacking in the prowess that allows her to close the deal.

"Blurb" sort of turns the tables, because while everything bad that happens is ostensibly her fault, the link back to her is so preposterous that there's no way she could have seen it coming or found a way to orchestrate her own demise. The short version is that Jonah's gang of congressmen who may or may not call themselves the Jeffersons shut down the government because Jonah's pissed off that he didn't get invited to Selina's White House portrait unveiling, which in turn messes up Selina's already shitty day.

There are, however, more complex underlying themes around what happens. The episode is about coming full circle on what Selina has been feeling ever since she lost the election. The episode begins with her scoffing at inviting Jonah, in large part because of how he's the reason she wasn't the president. That trickles down to Jonah being vindictive enough to shut down the government, but the more important scenes involve Selina and Tom James, as the show ropes Hugh Laurie back in to rekindle Selina and his terrible relationship, the feelings they've had for each other for decades and the sparks that fly between them when they're in the same room.

The episode (and the two encounters in particular) is so strong that it'll probably be front and center on Julia Louis-Dreyfus' campaign for her unprecedented and ridiculous sixth straight and ninth overall Emmy win. There are a couple of scenes in there that are super strong for Tony Hale (especially for that speech about JFK's brains all over Jackie's clothes and telling Selina that he doesn't remember any White House employee's name), and Hugh Laurie will also likely get his due after having to compete as best supporting actor last year.

This is the episode that finally gets things straight, because it cracked the formula that had been largely missing from the first six episodes. Everything that happens to these characters needs to be the result of some ridiculous, contrived coincidence that's simultaneously so simple it should have been caught by any one person with any semblance of intelligence or drive in her-his job. Instead everything blows up in their faces because they is-are too prideful to invite fucking Jonah to some meaningless unveiling that pales in comparison to the other stuff they had been doing so far this season. Which almost justifies the road travelled to get to this point.

And in the end, it still doesn't matter that the government was shut down and Selina's day was ruined, because, in their own words, "at least Jonah wasn't here."

"Blurb" is brilliant in every way and reestablishes Veep's dominance as one of TV's best sitcom, and for that, it gets 10 good old-fashioned hate fucks out of 10.

Notes & Quotes:

  • This episode is so good that I even finally understood Dan's new purpose on the show. He's there to put on a shit-eating grin and comment on all the stupid stuff happening on the show and add in all the frivolous morning news stuff that's so easy to make fun of.
  • Line Of The Night:

    Furlong (to Amy): "I know you'd chew your own arm off to escape being handcuffed to Meyers' overly-toned corped and her dungeon of losers, but I had to go in another direction. Tell her why, Will."

    Will:"You're stronger than me, and have a higher reserve of dignity and self-worth, and I'm trapped in a cycle of abuse."

  • Amy on the guest list to Selina's unveiling: "Yup, in front of 200 of Washington's most important people. And Mike."
  • Jonah: "Is there like a Jew place for dogs?"
  • Marjorie: "Birth gender isn't even that relevant. She-he will decide her-his ideal gender when she-he is-are ready."
  • Mike/Richard: "I haven an aunt who transitioned twice. She was trapped inside of a man and then that man was trapped inside of another woman." "Oh, like a turduken."
  • Selina: "Does anybody really give a shit about two average-looking lesbians?"
  • Selina on fucking Kent: "Kent! My snatch isn't a data port."
  • Ben on why Jonah didn't get invited: "Because we don't look like Herman Munster's brother who liked to molest that pudgy werewolf kid."
  • Furlong on why Jonah didn't get invited: "Everyone was, unless you're a mole-person who was cast out of his underground society for keystring sewer rats."
  • Jonah: "Why are women always checking in on each other when I'm talking to them?"
  • Selina to Mike: "Why do you keep saying Tom James and I 'made love', are you a fifteen-year-old girl?"
  • Selina: "I have got a White House book that is hotter than Nancy Reagan's guide to cocksucking."
  • Selina: "I've taken the rest of it. I took the election loss, I took Andrew's infidelities, Catherine's Catherine-ness, but this I cannot take."
  • Gary to Selina about Tom: "Do you want me to 69 him?"
  • Furlong: "Now look what you did you writhing piss-filled skin-twizzler!"
  • Furlong & Will: "If we don't raise the debt ceiling, America's financial system is going to go belly up. Like what, Will?" "Like my labradoodle Teddy, when I cover his cock in honey and give him a sticky licky."
  • Selina: "What is this Dixie cup shit show? It's like we teleported to post-Katrina Mississippi."
  • Selina: "Can I have a private word with you? Will that be alright, or are you worried I'll rape you again?"
  • Selina: "Alethia? Is that her name or the pill you take to fuck her?"
  • Selina: "I have pardoned turkeys with fewer waddles."
  • Selina/Gary: "Underaged Muslim brides are less traumatized at their unveilings." "And they don't have to drink Coke Zero."