Veep S06E05 Recap: The Most Devastating Lines from 'Chicklet'

While the thing most of us come to Veep for is the epic insults and one-liners, occasionally, the show can surprise us with some pretty deep character work, particularly when it comes to Selina. This season, her character has transformed into a woman constantly on the brink of a breakdown. Having lost her career and the one thing she's always wanted (that seat in the oval office), she's gone through depression, a heart attack and possibly even the beginning of menopause, all while lacking any sense of direction in this forced early retirement. To make matters worse, she's been going through a legitimate struggle to try and get her library built, even pondered if she even deserves one as a quarter-term, lame-duck president.

"Chicklet" does a lot to get to the bottom of what makes Selina tick, what's turned her into this person and all the mommy and daddy issues that have come along with it. Frustrated with how nothing seems to be going her way, she winds up opening up to Mike, who just wants to work on her memoir and eventually, finally get paid. They talk for hours about her life, her family, and Mike slowly starts piecing together irregularities about her father. Selina sees him as a man who could do no harm, but it's pretty evident he was just sleeping around on her mom and her mom was enabling it in order to avoid embarrassment.

In fact, they went as far as to convert the barn at her childhood home into a love shack, forcing them to sell Selina's beloved horse. After she and Mike find out about this from her uncle George, they proceed to destroy the barn in a cathartic scene which includes Mike hilariously yelling about how Selina hasn't been paying him. Eventually Selina crashes her car into the barn and blames it on Mike, before deciding that they'll convert the home which she now believes to be tarnished into her library.

The episode is heavy on Selina character development, and that's not only a good thing on its own, but a good thing for Mike, who does a lot of good work on the outskirts of all of this and even gives thirsty Gary a lot to work with (whose side-story involves getting Selina's Madam Toussault statue away from people who just want to do nasty sexual things to it, which also delivers some great visual gags and a great payoff when Selina both isn't surprised that it's happening nor seems to care). What's more, it's good for the plot, as it finally gives us a solid development on the library front.

Elsewhere, Dan deals with rumors that he's having sex with his co-host, and Jonah is introduced to Tanz' daughter, who takes over his office and has sex with him, to everyone's disgust. Meanwhile, in probably the most hilarious thing to ever happen on this show, Catherine and Marjorie ask Richard to father their child and find out that he's never masturbated before. The look on his face later on in the split second where he tells Jonah about his discovery is delightful.

I thought the episode was a little lighter than usual on the one liners and insults, but it easily made up for it in both visual humour and character development, making it an unusual but welcomed, different episode of Veep. "Chicklet" gets 9 giant barbecue forks out of 10.

Notes & Quotes:

    Line Of The night: Jonah & Ben


    "Why do we always have to raise the ceiling?" "So you don't scrape your head, you giant barbecue fork."

  • Selina: "I wish I had been assassinated in office."
  • Selina: "Trust me, Amy, it was not the heart attach that depressed your dad."
  • Selina/Catherine: "You're in therapy? Since when?" "Since I was 13." "Well what you really needed was a dermatologist."
  • Richard: "My father and I both hate eating butterscotch but love to say it. Butterscotch."
  • Selina on her ex banging the staff to Mike:"Then we just hired the least fuckable press secretary we could find."
  • Ben: "If you sit it's a meal. Which is a gift. Which is a bribe. Which is a line of prison inmates standing on each other's shoulders trying to sodomize you."
  • Ben: "Go fix it fast before Kent invites her to a sudoku weekend in Vermont."
  • Mike: "She hasn't yelled at me in like 24 hours, it's weird."
  • Richard: "Worst comes to worst I'll burn in hell like Grandma Splett."
  • Ms. Tanz: "I'm donating the rest of your suits to a charity for rescued circus giraffes."
  • Jonah/Ms. Tanz: "Did my missing ball freak you out?" "Honestly it was one less thing to worry about it."
  • Amy: "You're as useless as a dick at a rollerderby."
  • Selina: "We're not going to talk to Uncle George, he's a bald old boozebag with a whisky stink moustache, just like you."
  • Richard/Selina: "Ma'am, third vote." "Nay." "But it's for discounted prescriptions for the elderly." "Oh. Nay."
  • Amy: "Zero anal access, how's that for a New Deal?"
  • Dan: "This is like Dewey blows Truman, here."
  • Ben: "How do small town child molesters poll?"
  • Selina: "Catherine, is there any parade you cannot rain on?"