Veep S06E04 Recap: The Most Devastating Lines From 'Justice'

While Veep is as consistently funny in its sixth season as it's ever been, it's hard to argue that its overall quality as a sitcom is anywhere near the peaks that it managed to reach over the last couple of years. We've discussed it plenty over the course of this season so far; splitting the group up and a general aimlessness for Selina in her post-presidential days has exposed her flaws as a character as most of the people with any semblance of intelligence have logically moved on to other things. Last week's episode took a step towards fixing that by reuniting most of them in the group's trip to Europe in what can only be described as the best this show could possibly get in this late stage, and this week in "Justice", another step forward was taken by bringing Amy back into the fold.

I don't know what the point of splitting her off was if they were just going to unceremoniously make her Selina's chief of staff again halfway through the season. There's arguably no point to the Buddy Calhoun plot, by the looks of it, but to be honest, the way she and Richard wind up interchangeable (to the point where she literally answers for him yet Richard still gets the thanks from Selina) was pretty hilarious. Anna Chlumsky has a way about her in terms of making her character look fed up with everything, and who better to play that off of than the semi-competent idiot savant that is Richard Splett.

Interestingly, though, bringing Amy back into the fold (and tangentially involving Jonah and his team through the services of a banker Selina needs to build her library) doesn't really do anything to downplay the "Selina is the worst" problem. if anything, that problem is highlighted in this episode, her shittiness taken to new heights after both she and Gary suffer from heart attacks. Hers is a minor one, and she's quickly back on her feet after being treated. Gary seems to suffer something more drastic after learning of Selina's, but Selina doesn't stop taking advantage of him. She literally steals his water in the hospital, asks him to move boxes after getting out and hesitates at the idea of putting him up in her spacious cornerstone despite the fact that Gary lives in a loft in New Jersey. Even the one semi-gracious thing she does when she delivers him dinner seems needlessly cruel, as she serves him a moldy, cut-up old sandwich in plain spaghetti while bragging of her lavish meal that she couldn't finish.

Like I've said before, Selina being the worst isn't really the problem, it's not having anyone to play that off of that exposes it. But making her pointlessly cruel is pretty funny in and of itself.

As for the direction of the show, there's a hilarious distraction which the episode wills into existence. Mike accidentally starts a rumor that Selina is in contention for a recently vacated Supreme Court seat, but Richard's weird non-denial of it to Dan legitimizes it and gets President Montez to actually consider her, even though she winds up going with former President Hughes instead. It's the slap in the fact that we all expect from this show, but it's also sort of a backhanded win for team Selina. I'm not sure what the point is in the larger scope of the season, considering the library and this new Sherman Tanz/Jonah storyline seems to still be the focus, but it was a nice moment.

The problems with this season of Veep are still present, but the writers seem to be handling them appropriately. "Justice" gets 8.5 beav and legs out of 10.

Notes & Quotes:

  • While exposed shitty Selina is probably bad for the show, shitty Dan is probably the best version of that character. He finds out his sperm doesn't work, which means he can't father Catherine and Marjorie's baby, but he's more happy about not having to pull out anymore. All of this preceded by his casual arousal at a potential threesome with the couple. Also hilarious, how he gets continuously browner throughout the episode.
  • Gary and Richard's positions in little league, respectively: Super left field, pitcher's helper.
  • Best visual gag in this episode has to be Amy slapping the phone out of a doctor's hands.
  • Line of the Night:


    Selina: "I feel like my chest has been trampled in a Puerto Rican nightclub fire."

  • Richard: "I once lost my wallet in Denver."
  • Selina: "He was a friend to all people. Especially corporations, who he legally considered to be people."
  • Mike/Selina/Richard: "The other day I flushed a comb down the toilet." "You know what I don't need, is examples." "I do want to hear the end of that though."
  • Selina/Mike: "My tits feel like hot pockets." "Do we have any hot pockets?"
  • Selina: "I'm tired, I'm uncomfortable, Mike's hair reminds me of graham cracker crumbs..."
  • Gary/Selina: "Good news is without the tampons it's going to free up some space in my bag." "Where are you going to put yours?"
  • Dan/Marjorie: "You know what I like about you two? It's not clear who's the top." "I am."
  • Dan: "I'm just the cream filling in this gay-clair."
  • Dan on finding out he's shooting blanks: "Seriously? So I've been pulling out this entire time for nothing? I am going to save a fortune in morning after pills. There are like three girls that owe me an abortion refund."
  • Selina: "Just give him that whale dong Jonah."
  • Richard: "I'm sorry, could you repeat everything after 'hey buddy.'"
  • Selina/Amy/Richard: "President Taft was on the Supreme Court after he was president. "Yeah, and what's the first thing you remember about him?" "He got stuck in a bathtub?" "Well, the second thing." "He was buried in a piano case?"
  • Selina: "They're going to have to carry me out of there with my gavel clenched in my cold, dead twat."
  • Richard/Selina: "The judiciary committee would like to see everything you've ever written about abortion." "I could give them my actual abortion if I could find it lying around here somewhere." "I'll check the freezer."
  • Jonah: "Guess what, my phone fell in the toilet so who's the smart guy now, Kent?"
  • Kent/Jonah: "Homunculus, a human-shaped creature of Medieval legend that Paracelsus claimed was created by putrefied sperm." "How do you both know that?"