Veep S06E02 Recap: The Most Devastating Lines From 'Library'

If "Library" accomplished anything, it reinforced my issues with last week's season premiere of Veep. Not that it was a bad episode, in fact "Library" is a considerable step up from the season premiere. That being said, a lot of this still feels kind of aimless. And I get that that was once the literal premise of the show, as Veep started as a sitcom about the hapless, often bored crew of Selina Meyer when she was vice president. But like I mentioned last week, the best seasons of this show are the ones where shit actually happens, where the group is working towards something. And two episodes into this sixth season, I'm not getting the impression that any of this matters.

Last week, Selina decided she was going to run for president again, and had her idea vehemently shot down by everyone around her, most notably Ben, usually the smartest person in the room on this show. This week, Selina drops this idea and focuses instead her attention on building her own presidential library, an idea which, by the end of the episode, is once again squashed by its own over-inflated ambition. She zeroes in on a female college she attended (deaned by the great Amy Brenneman, who was coincidentally absent from this week's episode of The Leftovers), but they rebel against her after a scandal and the deal falls through.

To tell you the truth, if that's the direction this season is taking, then I'm not expressly against it. I love the idea of a show about a bumbling, aimless ex-president that wasn't a president long-enough to have any meaning or respect in her post-presidential career, and Selina wears that (in her own words) scarlet letter incredibly well. Every week could be an exploration of a new misguided idea to try and force Selina's legacy down America's throat, and every episode could end with that idea blowing up in her face. It's just that something seems off in the show's attempt to have that come across.

If I had to try and put my finger on it, the reason is likely because, as I also stated last week, that the group isn't completely together. Selina is working with Richard, Gary and now Mike, with Catherine hanging around and Andrew in the picture up until Selina finds out he's banging the woman painting her portrait. On paper that's pretty great, and all of these characters deliver what's expected of them in terms of one liners. But that's a collection of the show's dumbest and dimmest, so while on paper it might seem like a good idea, in practice, it exposes the bad side of Selina. We're missing Ben, Kent, Jonah, Dan and Amy, and in one way or another, these characters are experts at putting Selina in her place. Ben and Kent will do it with rational arguments supported by facts. Amy will do it by being able to tell Selina the unabashed, ugly truth. Dan and Jonah can do it by being the worst people in the room at any given time. Instead, she's permanently surrounded by people who are objective idiots, and while that leads to some great moments where Richard, of all people, saying the sanest things, it sort of becomes a problem.

But hopefully the idea is to eventually bring everyone together. Until this, "Library" is a pound-for-point funnier episode of Veep than the premiere, and maybe at this point that's the best we can really hope for. "Library" gets 8 sexual congressmen out of 10.

Line of the Night:


Selina to former president Stevenson: "If only the American people could have known you for your sense of humour instead of your bizarre indifference to apartheid."

  • Selina: "Unlike small town America, Andrew fucks me in a way I really enjoy."
  • Selina: "Former fuckers. This is as impromptu as a colonoscopy, except with quadruple the assholes."
  • Richard: "Are we running from something scary, ma'am?"
  • Furlong/Will: "Luckily, Will's anal hallatotisus renders him completely unboofable, tell 'em why, Will." "I'm fortunate to be odious to all colors of the sexual spectrum."
  • Furlong: "Speak, professor X-gay-vier."
  • Furlong: "Let me safe you the peanut log you're about to squeeze out of your face, anus hair."
  • Furlong: "Dismissed, G.I. Slow."
  • Furlong: "Good luck getting your precious back from those mean hobbits, Smeagl."
  • Richard: "I've been standing here this entire time ma'am, just trying to keep still in case I'm in the painting."
  • Ben: "Mrs Furlong likes to invite couples, not unregistered sex offenders."
  • Jonah: "You know, one time I tried hitting on a girl at a laundromat. For someone with broken English, she was real uppity."
  • Selina: "Oh my god, can you imagine having a baby in Georgia?"
  • Selina to a half-naked Mike: "Okay, I can't look at you, Cape Fear, until Gary gets you a shirt."
  • Selina to Gary: "You just rolled your eyes, like the world's bitchiest mime."
  • Selina: "There isn't a tampon in the world that is big enough to soak up that mess out there."
  • Selina: "That's like Princess Di hiring Camilla Parker-Bowles to be her limo driver. Although in that case, it would have worked out better for her."
  • Dan/Jonah: "Let me give you one word of advise, run. This predator has roofied more women than Cappa Alpha Cosby." "Okay, that's not actual fraternity."