It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia S12E04 Recap: 'Wolf Cola: A Public Relations Nightmare'

While It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia has never really garnered the larges audiences, its influence in the world of comedy and television is undeniable. In their tiny, depraved corner of cable TV so far this season, they've been able to recruit talent such as that of Scott Bakula, the showruners of Game of Thrones, and now with tonight's episode, "Wolf Cola: A Public Relations Nightmare", somehow The Gang managed to corral Dana White and the UFC.

That in and of itself is pretty impressive, but pair that with the subject matter of the script Dana probably had to sign off on: Charlie and Mac find out that their sports drink Fight Milk is really popular among UFC fighters, so they head to the gym to hand out some swag only to find out that they're using it as a glorified laxative, since it makes you uncontrollably vomit and defecate. Being the savvy businessmen that they are, Charlie and Mac decide to capitalize on that and turn Fight Milk into a weight loss drink, it works, but they did it by adding HGH to the formula, which gets them and the UFC in a lot of trouble.

Think about that. Dana White was approached by the IASIP guys to do an episode where his fighters shit and puke and take steroids. And he even agreed to be in it. That's great, not only because it shows that even billion dollar corporations can occasionally have a sense of humor, but also because of the implication. No not that one. The implication of this episode is that it affects something outside of The Gang's inner circle. Usually The Gang's actions don't really have consequences and are limited to the greater Philadelphia area. Now they're getting the UFC into trouble, and promoting Boko Haram.

That's the other thing. Not only did Dana have to sign off on the Fight Milk plot, the show's A-plot features Frank accidentally selling his fake money-laundering soft drink Wolf Cola to Boko Haram, and culminates with Dennis declaring his hatred for dogs and desire to see them fight and eat them out of a bucket like some fried chicken. Of course the show tries to pretend like it has a larger point to make about the 24-hour news cycle, but it's hard to really take anything away from that when I've been thinking about nothing but Donald trump for the last week.

On the scale of IASIP episodes, "Wolf Cola" is pretty crass, between the part where the UFC fighter pukes on his dick while shitting and of course Frank trying to humanize a terrorist organization. But it also had a lot of laughs, not only in terms of lines but that pretty great Twitter feed they had going on every time The Gang was on the news. And we also got a new Fight Milk video. On top of that, The Gang is back in the bar and we get a lot of references from the show's past gags. For all of that and more, "Wolf Cola: A Public Relations Nightmare" gets 8 former bodyguards out of 10.

Notes & Quotes:

  • Goddamnit Count: 1
  • I like how Dee rebranding herself turns her into Christine Baranski.
  • The Gang decides that people will forgive anything, including the Holocaust and women-beaters, but people who bang kids and hate dogs are unforgivable. Also all women are shrills.
  • On mixing up Boko Haram with Boca Raton: "It's an easy misunderstanding." "It is, if you're an elderly cokehead trying to launder money through a dummy soda corporation."
  • "The best bodyguards are former UFC fighter and the best UFC fighters are former bodyguards."
  • "I only wanted the illusion of power. I never saw an ounce of puss."
  • Dennis gets a countdown clock: "Is this why we had to wait for you to go to Bed, Bad & Beyond?" "Yes, bitch."
  • What happens after the 24 hour news cycle ends? "Internet trolls are going to control the narrative."
  • "Now I've always been very passionate about dominating other men. There's nothing like the feeling of another man submitting to your will. Now that's power. In a lot of ways, that's love."
  • "My friend has really weird women issues. I didn't know he brought a laser pointer."