24: Legacy S01E02 Recap: "1:00 P.M. - 2:00 P.M."

As noted yesterday in our review of the series premiere of 24: Legacy, the Jack Bauer-less spinoff to the long-running and beloved 24 wastes no time reminding us that, other than that missing main character, there is little to be afraid of if you were hoping that Legacy would be the same type of show. "12 P.M. - 1 P.M." is an hour full of all the old tropes 24 both created and ran into the ground over the years, and depending on where you stand, that's either a really good thing, or a really bad thing, but a bad thing that at least doesn't mince words when trying to tell you that you're wasting your time.

Well, in case you're someone who felt poorly about last night's premiere, episode two pretty much doubles down on most of that, only at a breakneck pace that inevitably comes with a reduced episode count.

When "1 P.M. - 2 P.M." begins, Ben has made off with the flash drive that could start a terrorist onslaught if it falls into the wrong hands, and Eric is left with few leads to find him and get it back. What's more, Ben winds up asking for a whopping $2 million, or else he brings it to Bin Khalid's people. Rather than risking bringing people in and informing the mole of what's happening, Eric decides to do the same kind of stupid thing that Jack or someone else from the main show would have done when faced with such insurmountable odds; he decides to rob a police precinct evidence locker that recently took in a giant inflow of drug money.

Not only is this totally believable as an unbelievable thing that a main character on 24 would do (especially with the utter lack of resources Eric and his rogue cohorts Rebecca and Andy have at their disposal), he does it with less than an hour to spare before Ben takes his business elsewhere. And if that's not enough, the show quickly hits us with the same type of shameless, insensitive social commentary that got the show's writers in trouble in the very first moments of last night's premiere when they decided to start things off by showing Muslim terrorists murdering innocoment women and children.

Tonight, the issue at hand is police brutality, as Eric (correctly) figures that it would be super easy for him to get a cop's attention by walking around suspiciously in broad daylight. Sure enough, he immediately gets pulled over and gets into an altercation with an old, white cop in a scene that will most certainly be the subject of several more thinkpieces tomorrow morning. Nevertheless, he parlays this situation into a free pass inside the precinct, threatening the cops with a homemade bomb.

Unfortunately for Eric, Rebecca and Andy get shut down just as he finds the money and the cops in the precinct start shooting at him, setting us up for a tense third episode next week. That being said, Keith, newly released from Rebecca's grasp, seems sympathetic when he sees Eric caught in the precinct. Seeing as he's likely not the mole, it probably won't be long until they're working together.

The other big development this episode is that the names of the army rangers were accessed when Nilaa, John's campaign manager, used Rebecca's pass code. Making things even more awkward is the revelation that Nilaa once attended a radicalized mosque, an accusation she denies to John stating she only went there to dispute the radical Imam's hateful teachings. She has no proof, but John is willing to go at bat for her. Now Rebecca is going to come at her with her own accusations, although it remains to be seen if the mole simply being Nilaa is too easy to be true.

Elsewhere on the show, in subplot city:

  • At the school, we find out that Amira is using the teacher to build a bomb. Amira quells her ex-boyfriend's concerns about being a terrorist at first, but then he catches her going down on the teacher and the teacher winds up killing him. This is all the worst that 24 has to offer in terms of storytelling, but the fact that the kid is dead is a minor victory.
  • Eric's brother Isaac woes to Nicole about both his careening status as a drug dealer and his failing relationship with Aisha, who, already threatened by Nicole, overhears them. She calls the other gang leader Isaac is about to do business with and tells him no one would care much if Isaac didn't come back from their meeting, but Nicole seems like she overhears this. This is also sort of the worst.
  • We're introduced to Gerald McRaney's character, Henry Donovan, an oil tycoon and John's father, who tells him about the attack ad against Nilaa. McRaney is only 8 years older than Smits and also not Latino, so I'm not sure how any of this works but I like both actors, so whatever.
  • We're introduced to the son of Sheik Bin Khalid, who wants to wait and see the thumb drive pan out and challenges one of his followers to try and kill him, saying only God will decide when he dies.
  • We're also introduced to Thomas Locke (Bailey Chase), the new head of ops, who is the most CTU agent that ever CTU'd. He has an altercation with Andy which suggests to me they might have boned or something.

Episode 2 is, in certain respects, somewhat crazier than episode one, and that's a good thing. The only problem is that when this plot isn't moving along, we're being bogged down by one-too-many subplots that probably don't matter much in the grand scheme of things. In a way, that's the most "24" that Legacy could be. I'm still enjoying where this is going and enthralled by the constant bombardment of twists and turns and exciting set-pieces. But "1PM-2PM" is, if I'm being objective, a slight step back from the premiere, so it gets 7.5 heads of field ops out of 10.