The Walking Dead Getting a "Companion" Spinoff Series At AMC For 2015

The Walking Dead is one of televisions most popular shows. It constantly breaks cable TV ratings, and even beats out most of its broadcast network competition on Sunday nights, something that was generally unheard of a couple of years ago.

As a result, AMC will make a concerted effort to ensure that it's shoved down our throats as much as possible, because that's how you monetize a product. We already have 16 episodes of the series a season, as well as the Talking Bad discussion show that follows it, and in 2015, The Walking Dead will be "accompanied" by its own spinoff, a decision that AMC president Charlie Collier called "literally a no-brainer," and in this case we'll accept that as an appropriate use of the term.

On Monday, AMC announced that franchise creator Robert Kirkman and series producers Gale Anne Hurd and Dave Alpert were partnering to create a new show based in The Walking Dead television universe. Much like the main series, it will be based on the comics of the same name created by Kirkman, but will feature "an entirely new story and cast of characters."

The series joins the recently announced spinoff series for Breaking Bad, tentatively titled "Better Call Saul" and centering of course on Saul Goodman, but this of course sounds a little different than a straight offshoot.

Many fans and viewers will certainly roll their eyes at this, shrugging it off as just another vain attempt by a greedy network to milk its cash cow, and to a certain degree that's true, but the Walking Dead world is so expansive that this really shouldn't be an issue, knowing Kirkman is behind it.

For starters, having been around for a decade, there's an immeasurable amount of characters and stories left to tell from the universe before the show runs its course, and the main show will no doubt have trouble getting to all of them, especially considering they too create original elements. Secondly, the series' zombie apocalypse is a worldwide event, and we've only seen a very small corner of it in the Southeast United States. So what's happening abroad, in Canada, or even in other parts of the US like Nebraska, for instance?

Of course there are legitimate concerns. The show has had trouble with plot movement and pacing before, not to mention the revolving door of showrunners, but i really believe that Scott Gimple, who will be taking over the series this upcoming season and is behind some of the show's best episodes, is the man for the job and will outlast his predecessors. And even if he doesn't, this is a concept that can thrive and survive, because of its very nature and the fact that there are a flurry of talented zombie story writers out there. There might always be a few slow episodes, but the show continues to bounce back (the upcoming season looks fantastic, at least).

So I'm holding out hope for this one. There's a good chance it will work out for them, and Kirkman seems excited, with his creative juices flowing. What approach they might end up taking with it is almost completely unpredictable, as well as whether or not it will have any ties to the main series, other than the concept and universe itself of course (or frankly if it will air concurrently with TWD or during the off-season).

In any case, we have about two years to speculate, so we'll keep you updated as details surface, and of course the fourth season of The Walking Dead premieres October 13th, 2013 on AMC.

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