Two and a Half Men to Kill Off Charlie Sheen?

When 2011 is in the book, the biggest news story of the year to come out of TV-land is likely going to be the Charlie Sheen / Chuck Lorre / CBS / Ashton Kutcher / Two and a Half Men saga. From twitter explosions, to season cancellations, to firings, to recastings, to interviews and web shows, this story had it all.

Over the last few months, we've witnessed the public humiliation and downfall of a man that has clearly had demons for a very long time. And while we all started this thing firmly against Charlie Sheen and his lifestyle, it's become pretty clear that he's not the only one with issues in this whole mess, and I'm not talking about those of his character on Two and a Half Men.

For years, Chuck Lorre, CBS and everyone involved in the inexplicably hit show were more than likely aware of the fact that Sheen was living his life on the edge of destruction. Frankly, looking back on it all, it's kind of surprising that it took nearly a decade for things to really fall apart the way they did. In order to save face, the show's creator, Chuck Lorre, scapegoated Sheen in order to keep his show and his relationship with CBS. But to ignore the fact that he was clearly letting Sheen ruin his own life, simply because he didn't miss a day of work, well that's unfair.

Sheen isn't innocent in all this either, going from drinking "tiger blood" to wielding machetes on Hollywood rooftops, but how much can you blame a man for simply being crazy?

In any case, CBS and Lorre fired Sheen, and decided to move on by hiring Ashton Kutcher to replace Sheen for the upcoming 9th season of the show, and will reportedly pay the That 70s Show actor a hefty sum -- $20 million for a single season -- to try and bail out their sinking ship.

We were already hooked to watch the first couple of episodes, more for the reasons we turn our heads towards a bad accident on the highway than because we actually want to see it, but now, it looks as if Lorre might give us another reason to tune in to CBS this fall and stare in shock and awe.

According to TMZ, Chuck Lorre plans to write off Charlie Harper from Two and a Half men in a way that ensures he can never come back.

That's right, Charlie Harper is going to die.

The show won't resume filming until August 5th, and of course with Chuck Lorre at the helm anything can happen, but the site reports that it's likely that the show's longtime main character will drive his car off a cliff -- a sort of disgusting coincidence, considering Sheen's cars have been involved in several cliff-diving accidents. The show has tended to satirize serious issues such as substance abuse in the past, even death, but this is likely going to be a new low for sitcom television.

As for Kutcher, it is speculated that he will purchase Charlie's house following his death.

Take it for what its worth, for now, but considering the things Lorre has done on TV, and his heavily publicized squabbles with his stars, I certainly wouldn't put it past him. One thing's for certain, at least for those first couple of episodes, we'll definitely be watching.