Ten Seconds of a Homeland Season 2 Teaser Is Enough for Me to Write About the Show

There's been something missing in my life since December. I couldn't really put my finger on it. Maybe it was the lack of human contact or fresh air or natural light, but I needed something. As it turns out, that something was Showtime's amazing political drama, Homeland.

Back in December, season one of the spectacular show from Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa ended with more questions than answers, and the duo will look to answer them this fall.

While nothing's been filmed yet, a 10 second teaser for season 2 has popped up, likely to air on Showtime between their other programs, and while it literally says nothing, I'll use it as an opportunity to write about the new season:

As we know, season two will focus on Brody's (Damien Lewis) campaign to run for congress. He'll be interacting with Vice President Walden (Jamey Sheridan) more often, who's been upped to a series regular. According to reports, he'll also "cross paths with a beautiful Middle Eastern woman who comes bearing an ultimatum," he'll have a new chief of staff, and his daughter Dana will interact with Walden's son Finn.

As for Carrie (Golden Globe and soon-to-be Emmy winner Claire Danes), we know that she's been kicked out of the CIA for being crazy (albeit right) and hiding her bipolar disorder. We're not sure what she's remember after her electroshock therapy, but according to TV Line, she'll have a new cover identity and she'll be working in or around the CIA in Beirut.

Season two will pick up six months after season one, so things will have had time to fester (by the way, these time jumps are absolutely my favorite thing about the show. One episode had nearly a month's gap between it and the last), and it'll be interesting to see how they handle the investigation on Walden's assassination attempt, which is probably what Saul and the CIA will be dealing with.

Then there's still the matter of the tape that Brody made that was stolen, and who the mole in the CIA is, and whatever else Gordon and Gansa come up with. Showtime previous released a one minute "teaser" featuring clips from season one:

As you can tell, Homeland season 2 begins on September 30th, which is unfortunately still too far away. But any excuse we have to talk about Homeland is a good excuse!