NetWatch: Wild Night at CNN

If you were watching CNN last night -- let's face it, what else would you be doing? -- you were in for a couple of treats. It was a wild night at the 24-hour cable news network, as we were treated to a walk-off as well as about 50 piss jokes, thanks to two of the network's biggest names.

First up, Piers Morgan, mostly known for promoting the stereotype that people from the UK cranky, was interviewing former senate candidate Christine O'Donnell on his show. The Tea Party "favorite" is mostly known herself for being, well, a typical Tea Party member. I don't really think I need to set this up any further:

In sum, Piers asked her about gay marriage, which, for some reason, made O'Donnell walk off the interview. It's usually difficult to defend Piers Morgan, even though he's awesome, but this is clearly one of the more ridiculous things ever. He asked her about an issue that she's been vocal of in the past, and one that she addresses in her book, which O'Donnell claimed to be rude for some reason. Morgan, all the while, kept a smile and a chipper attitude, likely because he knew that, for once, he'd come off as a good guy in one of these situations. And let's face it, who wouldn't take pleasure out of making a Tea Party member look like a complete idiot?

If that wasn't enough, Anderson Cooper pretty much lost his mind in his own show thereafter.

You may have heard of Gerard Depardieu's now infamous... um... incident on an Air France flight from the other day. Well, Anderson made sure we heard about it in his "Ridiculist" the other night, and missed no opportunity to... shower... himself in... golden puns surrounding the event. Anderson loses it at several points during the video, but none worse than when he makes a "Depar-two" joke at around the 2:30 mark:

As someone who likes to consider himself a connoisseur of pun and pun culture, I was thoroughly amazed at the number of piss jokes Cooper was able to fit into a less than 4 minute segment. I'll give him a couple of shakes for that.

So there you have it. It may not be the finest pieces of journalism, but it's definitely entertaining. Keep up the good work, boys.

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Tylerr Rietze's picture

I might start watching his show, now!! "And now, Anderson Cooper 360, featuring the highest pitched laughter in television!"