NetWatch: Fox News is Kinda Cool Too, I Guess

Last week, we wrote about a wild night at CNN which saw walk offs, poo jokes, and uncontrollable giggling. Well, as it turns out, CNN wasn't the only news network having their fair share of fun.

We're not about to get into the politics of Fox News, but let's just say that if you watch Jon Stewart, you likely have a negative opinion of the network.

Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld has never shied away from controversy, but it has also brought us gems such as this. Needless to say, it might be the most watchable thing on an otherwise ridiculous network.

Last week, the show may have brought us its most hilarious moment yet, after musician / woman beater Chris Brown tweeted the following, only to incite a response from Red Eye's Andy Levy:

As expected, the tweet, despite being hilarious, brought forth an army of pre-teen Chris Brown fans against Andy Levy, which led to the following "apology" from Levy on the show:

Love Fox News or hate em, that was pretty awesome.