NBC Pulls The Plug On Dane Cook Sitcom 'Next Caller'

Believe it or not, I was actually looking forward to Dane Cook's upcoming sitcom on NBC, Next Caller. The trailer revealed back in May didn't look half bad and with a good cast that included Jeffrey Tambor, it had a fair shot of being watchable.

That said, Dane Cook is pretty terrible, and it looks like NBC won't be giving it that show though, as it was revealed late last week that the network had pulled the plug on the comedian's microphone, cancelling the show before it ever aired. The show was supposed to star Dane Cook as a satellite radio DJ forced to share his show with a woman as he faced declining ratings.

Back in May at the upfronts, NBC gave the sitcom a six-episode order, but according to Deadline, after filming four episodes, the show wasn't generating positive responses from executives, so they decided to pull the plug, ensuring that those four episodes will likely never air. The fact that Cook basically has no goodwill left probably didn't help either.

With 'Go On' and 'The New Normal' receiving full season orders, '1600 Penn' and 'Save Me' waiting to premiere mid-season, not to mention 'Community' and 'Whitney' in the network's "back pocket", NBC probably had to cut something from their schedule and Cook's show seemed like it was ripe to be let go.