Dexter Season 6 Trailer: Can a Serial Murderer Find God?

After not one but two teaser trailers for the upcoming season of the Emmy Award Nominated Showtime drama Dexter, the full trailer for season 6 has finally arrived, and boy, it's a doozy!

There's obviously a lot going on in the trailer, and it's actually somewhat reminiscent of the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trailer, which different, un-ordered shots in each frame set to a badass cover song, in this case, "Personal Jesus" as sung by Marilyn Manson. We're treated to various religious imagery, shots of Dexter with his son, Harrison, which is certain to be a major theme, as well as returning characters and new ones, as Dexter does his thing.

It's pretty clear that this season will deal with religious topics, and possibly Dexter's quest to find God. The series has dealt with the issue of whether a serial killer could lead a normal life in the past, in many ways in fact, but this will be new territory for our favorite serial killer. Dexter has of course been in a church before, most notably in Season 3 with Jimmy Smits, but it was always a removed experience. Actively exploring the topic should make for an interesting season.

According to an executive producer of the show at Comic-Con on Thursday, the season will show our anti-hero with a “desire to define faith.” Michael C. Hall would point out that Dexter isn't trying to repent for his sins, something he's long accepted, but instead to find an identity for his son, Harrison, in order to escape the "Dark Passenger" that has plagued him, when he worries that because of the trauma that Harrison witnessed in his mother's murder, his son could end up just like him.

The trailer also gives us our first look at the characters played by new additions Edward James Olmos, Colin Hanks and Mos Def. And while we can't be sure, it seems as if all three will be playing villains. If I had to guess, Mos Def would likely be a more traditional killer that Dexter goes after, while Olmos and Hanks befriend Dexter for their own personal reasons -- one shot in the trailer shows the two talking about a "plan".

Season 5 was one of transition. In season 4's finale, we saw Dexter's wife Rita (Julie Benz) die at the hands of the Trinity Killer (John Lithgow), which, if course, forced Dexter to "grieve" in his own way. Dexter had to atone for her death, and that's where the Lumen (Julia Stiles) storyline came in. Truth be told it was a pretty bad season, but we're willing to let it slide for the tailspin that Julie Benz's write-off put the show in. It's kind of funny, in fact, that now that Dexter can "move on" from that death, he looks towards religion for his son.

Time will only tell how season six will turn out, but to say that we have high hopes for Dexter this year is an understatement. Tune in Sunday, October 2nd on Showtime for the premiere.

Showtime also held panels for their hit series Shameless and the new, upcoming drama Homeland. The highlight of the Shameless panel was Emmy Rossum freaking out about being asked about her nude scenes:


I’m so tired of answering this question. It’s so inane that it’s such a big thing. Like if someone takes off their clothes, that’s such a big deal. There’s such a stupid stigma about it. It’s just a body. It doesn’t say anything about who you are inside. I think I revealed way more in the show in scenes where I got to be unattractive and angry and bitter and lonely than I ever did in a scene when I’m having sex with my boyfriend. It doesn’t seem all that much to me, but it seems that people are all in a tizzy.”

Moreover, he's the behind-the-scenes sneak peak for Homeland, which I'm actually kinda excited for, because Damian Lewis is badass. Great cast in this one!

Homeland will debut on October 2nd as well, following Dexter.