Craig Robinson Finds Post-Office Work At NBC With Greg Daniels' Sitcom

First, it was Rainn Wilson leaving for his own spinoff, 'The Farm'. Then it was Mindy Kaling for her Fox sitcom, 'The Mindy Project'. Even B.J. Novak and the girl who plays Angela have their own things going on.

Now, it appears that yet another co-star from 'The Office' has figured out what he'll be doing after this 9th and final season of the show is done in the spring. According to TV Line, Craig Robinson will be getting a pilot at NBC from Office producer Greg Daniels.

The concept of the show has Robinson as a struggling musician who swallows his pride and takes a job teaching in middle school in a big city, where he must interact with students and teachers and of course single moms and hilarity obviously ensues. Robinson has musical talent, as he's often showed in the Office, so the role isn't too much of a stretch.

It's interesting because this sounds exactly like the first season of Eastbound & Down, with music instead of baseball, a show which Robinson has guested on.

We'll have to wait and see what happens to the rest of the cast as the ninth season of the Office continues to play out. Make sure to tune in to BWP as we review the show every weke.