Charlie Sheen and Russell Brand Debut on FX on June 28

It's been a long year (not really) since the whole Charlie Sheen saga began. After getting fired / quitting his hit "Two and a Half Men" show, being replaced by Ashton Kutcher, and finally getting killed off for good measure, Sheen went through some sort of crazy cocaine trip that included tiger blood, machetes, claims of winning when he wasn't winning, and live streaming shows where he would inform us of said winning.

After Sheen seemingly went through withdrawal, iit was reported that Sheen would be bringing a new show conveniently titled "Anger Management" to FX. Now, it seems as if we have a premiere date for the new show, as FX has announced that the show will debut on June 28 with two back-to-back episodes at 9PM, followed by the season premieres of "Wilfred" and "Louie", and the series premiere of Russell Brand's new late night talk show, "Strangely Uplifting" at 11PM.

The original announcement was interesting for several reasons. For starters, the whole thing is based on a weird combination of Charlie's recent life, as well as, for some reason, the 2003 Jack Nicholson / Adam Sandler comedy of the same name. Moreover, Sheen would be (surprise surprise) playing a slightly fictionalized version of himself, and a character named Charlie (we're as surprised as you are). The twist -- if that wasn't enough for you -- would be that Charlie isn't the guy with anger management issues, but the counselor. Sheen's character is a former baseball player who's career imploded after a public outburst, forcing him to address those issues and help others. The series co-stars Selma Blair, Shawnee Smith, Daniela Bobadilla, Michael Arden and Noureen DeWulf, likely all very attractive people that Charlie will somehow manage to have sex with.

Even more interesting is that if the show had a successful 10 episode initial run, there would be an option for FX to pick up another 90 episodes simultaneously, which is pretty unprecedented on television -- but then again if you're going to do something unprecedented for a sitcom, it might as well be on FX.

Brand's new show, on the other hand, will be him talking in front of a live audience about pop culture and politics. This should be interesting, considering Brand's history of trolling the entire population of the UK in the past, as well as his more recent escapades this side of the pond with his soon-to-be ex-wife Katy Perry and an interesting movie career.

But the real winners here could be the Elijah Wood-starring Wilfred, as well as Louie. Wilfred debuted its first season to strong ratings last year, with 2 and a half million viewers in its season premiere, but that number dwindled to 900,000 by the finale. The remake of the Australian series of the same name received positive reviews, however, so FX is hoping that the inevitably huge audience that will tune in for Sheen's redebut on TV will stick around when they see Elijah Wood interacting with a guy in a dog suit. Robin Williams guest starring should help too.

Louie's ratings should also take a pretty big bump, not only because of the carryover, but also thanks to buzz from Louis CK's Emmy nominations, which, thanks to odd summer scheduling, only arrived after season two had wrapped up. You don't have to search very far to see that BWP absolutely loves this show, so we're very happy about this news.

FX could likely hit the big time with this show. The premiere is nearly guaranteed to have huge ratings, as people love Charlie Sheen regardless of the crazy things he does and he's a proven ratings draw. But it'll be up to him and the show to keep momentum going. That said, There are likely a lot of happy people at FX right now, and this summer should definitely be interesting for their comedy block.