Blake Griffin Will Sort This Viacom-DirecTV Mess Out

Last week, we told you about the squabble between Viacom and DirecTV that led to 26 channels getting blacked out on the cable service.

While the issue has yet to be resolved, things have definitely gotten interesting since the initial blackout. For starters, Nickelodeon's ratings dramatically dropped over the course of the last week, while rival networks Disney channel and Sprout have seen theirs go through the roof in its absence (some of that will certainly stick when all of this is resolved), then Viacom pulled their shows off the Internet so they can rally fans against DirecTV, but when Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert pointed out the triviality of the dispute, they quickly put those two shows back online.

Of course, one company is blaming the other, but by the looks of things, the specialty channel Epix seems to be the sticking point on both sides. Viacom wants them to carry it for $500 million, and DirecTV, well, doesn't (and if you haven't heard of it, that should pretty much tell you the absurdity of their request).

In other words, it's basically one company flinging crap at the other. Viacom's demands seem to be outrageous, but DirecTV isn't helping by just assuming everyone's on their sides and post snarky tweets.

But don't worry, the light might be at the end of the tunnel, thanks to Los Angeles Clippers' forward Blake Griffin. Disturbed about not being able to watch Workaholics, the basketball player took to Twitter, where he called out DirecTV for their lack of Comedy Central:

@blakegriffin wrote:

@directv why are you trying to ruin my life and not let me watch #workaholics on comedy central? xoxo thanks— Blake Griffin

DirecTV was quick to show him that they weren't at fault:

@direcTV wrote:

@blakegriffin Blake, we're working nonstop to reach an affordable deal for all of our customers => #DIRECTVHasMyBack

Blake refocused his query:

@blakegriffin wrote:

Yo @viacom word is you're the reason I'm missin some channels. Let me know. Hope you're well. Thanks.

So, don't worry, America, Blake Griffin is on the case, and you should have Workaholics back on your screen in no time!

Partial Source: Warming Glow