ABC Issues Apology To The Chinese After Kid On Jimmy Kimmel Suggests We Should Murder All Of Them

About two weeks has passed since the last time Jimmy Kimmel pissed someone off, so it shouldn't surprise you to be reading yet another story about him. That being said, this one is particularly ridiculous (then again, the Kanye West feud was pretty ridiculous too). And funny enough, this one too involves kids saying things to varying degrees of darn.

On a recent episode, Kimmel debuted the latest episode of "Kids Table", a segment where he amasses children to discuss politics and all the goings on in the world. On the subject of the debt crisis and whether or not the US should pay China the trillion or so that it owes the country, one of the children suggested that instead of paying off our debts, we should just kill everyone in China.

Seems reasonable.

The clip has been taken down from Kimmel's Youtube page, but that doesn't mean that it's off the internet:

Despite the fact that this is quite clearly a joke, this is America we're talking about, so Asian-Americans were offended, leading to a petition with nearly 70,000 signatures as of this writing, and even a protest where about 100 Asian-Americans gathered in front of ABC headquarters with pictures of Kimmel sporting a Hitler mustache, claiming that the skit contributes to a "Culture of Violence" where your average American makes his or her decisions based on what children say on late night television. Either that or it's an elaborate hoax on the part of ABC and Kimmel in order to subliminally teach people to murder all the Chinese, and those four kids are just the first in an elite group of kid assassins the country is amassing.

As a result, ABC decided to issue an apology, citing "We would never purposefully broadcast anything to upset the Chinese community, Asian community, anyone of Chinese descent or any community at large." Of course not, they'll leave that to Fox's Dads.

No word yet if anyone took a second to explain to the people complaining that this isn't actually racism, or that they should probably be spending their time doing something productive. Or quite frankly that the only thing racist here is probably comparing Kimmel to Hitler.

We'll see you the next time Kimmel makes someone angry with an innocuous skit featuring children.

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Rob Cote's picture

I wish it was just an American problem. I remember someone writing the Montreal Gazette a few years ago to complain about an Aislin cartoon. He'd drawn Mt. Royal with a giant trumpet instead of a cross. The horror. Can't remember who said it, but you have the right to be offended, but not the right to not be offended. People need to grow up.