Rumor: Christian Bale Reprising Batman Role for 'Justice League' Under Christopher Nolan

El Mayimbe has been on a roll lately. Between rumors surrounding Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers 2 and even Star Wars, he's been a busy guy, but he has yet another scoop for us, this time involving D.C. and Warner Bros' expected Justice League movie.

Last month, it was reported that Warner had scrapped the existing script by Will Beall because it just wasn't good enough. But the company still has to put something together for their expected 2015 release date if they want that sweet, sweet superhero money, and it appears as if they have a clear plan in order to bring us another billion dollar franchise.

The latest news from Latino-Review suggests that Warner is going all out to, in their words, "move heaven and earth" to bring in two people who can guarantee them that billion dollar box office. The rumor has Christian Bale returning to reprise his role as Bruce Wayne and Batman alongside Henry Cavill's Superman.

Moreover, El Mayimbe says that Christopher Nolan is currently keeping everything D.C. related on lockdown over at the WB. He's their Joss Whedon, because Warner realized that they simply have no choice but to go after the big filmmakers, especially after the failed experiment with Will Beall. No word on whether that would mean that David S. Goyer would be back as well, but Zack Snyder definitely seems to be involved.

That would mean that the Justice League would have an Academy Award-winning actor at the top of the line, a proven director who is considered by many to be one of the best working filmmakers out there, and the Man of Steel team that is on the verge of having one of 2013's best and most popular movies. Obviously this is all rumor, but they're right when they say that they would be foolish not to try and make that happen, especially considering that both Nolan and Bale never really closed the door completely on coming back.

But again, all of this is just rumor. Even if Latino-Review has a good track record, we've seen that anything can happen, and if Warner is more concerned with their stockholders than making the best Justice League movie, then that might not be the right conditions for these filmmakers and actors. El Mayimbe even goes as far to say that absolutely nothing is a done deal at this point. So we'll see.

Check out his full report below:

Justice League Scoop! from Mayimbe Media on Vimeo.

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