Red Dawn Trailer: Another Hollywood Remake

It's an interesting time in Hollywood. While there's no lack of writers and directors churning out good, original ideas and adaptations, there seems to be this growing obsession with producing remakes to movies that either few people cared about in the first place, or so many people cared so deeply about that it's impossible to satisfy everyone.

We're not quite sure where the remake of Red Dawn falls on that spectrum, but before we get blindly mad at yet another Hollywood remake, it should be noted that the original, directed by John Milius and starring Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen wasn't exactly groundbreaking or amazing. It was a rather original concept of Mid-Western American teenagers dealing with a Soviet invasion and the dawn of World War III, and it was very conservative and idealistic, but for the time it was a relatively standard action/drama film.

The remake, which just got a trailer and a release date after being shelved by MGM for a couple of years during their bout with financial issues, seems to shed much of the idealism and social issues raised in the original film, replacing them with more action and bravado, as well as a little comedy and the requisite amount of cheesy one liners.

Now, before we all get angry about this, it should be noted, again, that the original wasn't that amazing. So maybe this was the way to go with the film? We'll only know when Red Dawn hits theaters November 21, but for what it claims to be, it doesn't look so bad.

The Red Dawn remake stars (pre-Thor) Chris Hemsworth, Adrianne Palacki, Josh Hutcherson, Josh Peck, Tom Cruise's adopted son Connor, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who together form a new version of The Wolverines as they fight against the North Koreans (replacing the Chinese for obvious reasons).