Red Band Trailer: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Even though we're only just beginning the summer movie season, the hype for the big titles of this fall and Christmas season has already begun.

One of the most anticipated movies of the year is "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo", the American adaptation of a best-selling Swedish crime novel by Stieg Larsson, the first in a series entired the "Millennium series", about a journalist who seeks the whereabouts of a woman who has been missing for forty years, aided by a young female hacker. The film will be an American remake of the highly acclaimed and highly profitable Swedish film.

If the plot itself wasn't exciting enough, whether you've read the book or not, here's some more information that may get you salivating. The film has been directed by Academy Award nominated and Golden Globe winning director David Fincher (The Social Network, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Fight Club, Zodiac...).

The film has been written by Academy Award-winning writer Steven Zaillan, who you may know from Schindler's List, Mission: Impossible, Clear and Present Danger, Gangs of New York, and many more. Fincher definitely knows how to pick them.

The cast includes James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, as Mikael Blomkvist, the journalist and main character in all the Millennium books. Rooney Mara, who was in Fincher's Social Network, will play the title role, and the supporting cast includes Robin Wright (Forrest Gump), Stellan SkarsgÄrd (played in pretty much everything, most recently, Thor), and Christopher Plummer (I don't need to tell you what he's been in, but for the sake of consistency, let's go with General Chang in Star Trek VI).

Fincher will also be going back to Trent Reznor (Nine In Nails) and Atticus Ross, who won the Academy Award for Best Original Score for the Social Network. And once you hear their cover of Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" in the trailer, you'll agree that this was also a damn good choice.

It may seem like I'm slobbering all over this movie, but everything we've seen and heard about it so far, including the trailer below deserves praise. It looks like another Fincher project will be dominating the award buzz for the second year running.

If you're still uncertain, check out this leaked trailer which made its way online late last week, and keep in mind it's Red Band, so it might not be suitable for work:

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Justin Traviss's picture

Excellent trailer with a great cover of Immigrant, as you say, but seriously, how can people be excited for the MOVIE based on this TRAILER... There is NOTHING about the movie in it. The flick itself is probably worth 5-10 million based on the books reputation ALONE, but pretending the movie looks ANYTHING (good, bad, other) based on this trailer is just stupid. What we can tell is whoever made the trailer made a damn good TRAILER. But anyone who watches that and says "that'll be a great movie" is a moron. You can't tell a single thing about the flick from that trailer. It saddens me when people are unable to distinguish great trailers from great movies.

That said, this movie will probably be quite excellent for all the reasons Georgie mentioned above. But after having read the book and seen the original film, I am very bored of this story, and may even pass on this film, despite being a hardcore FIncher fan since Se7en.. Smile But that's just me.

Justin Traviss's picture

The green band.

I was surprised at how different the green one seemed. Though pretty much identical, I think the edginess of the movie is a lot more apparent in the red band. YAY RED BAND TRAILERS!!!

Micheal Aldred's picture

I can't tell you how retarded the Green Band trailer looks with no sound off. It's just "flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, look left, look right, look in their eyes, bullet, flash, flash, flash."

Justin Traviss's picture

Still have that cover of Immigrant Song in my head. LOVE it.

hari1234's picture

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