Okay, One More TV Spot For The Dark Knight Rises (This Time With More Thomas Lennon)

There have been so many The Dark Knight Rises trailers, soundtrack previews, details and, most recently 13-minute behind the scene featurettes that we're admittedly in a little over our heads. We've stopped short of sharing with you the TV spots for the universe's most anticipated movie, but we'll have to make an exception for this one.

Despite presenting itself as a dark, ominous, brooding film about pain and loss, this latest TV spot offers a lighter side to the film, as it gives us a glimpse into a cameo from comedic actor Thomas Lennon, who you might know as Lieutenant Jim Dangle from Reno 911, or his many recent comedic film roles.

The short trailer pits Lennon as Bruce Wayne's (Christian Bale) doctor, showing him all the damage his "heli-skiing" has caused to his body, to a backdrop of much of the action we've already seen from previous trailers, as well as a new second or two.

The Dark Knight Rises comes out July 20th, but you already know that.