Oh Look, Another Avengers Deleted Scene: Captain America Alternate Introduction

Another day, another deleted scene plugging the pending Bluray release of one of the most successful movies of all time at the box office, The Avengers

Yesterday, we showed you an alternate opening scene that would have essentially pegged Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) as an antagonist and drastically changed the pacing and mood of the film from a lighthearted action romp with humor to something a little darker and more serious. Today, we bring you an alternate introduction to Chris Evans' Captain America / Steve Rodgers.

One of the things that we and many others talked about was how the film simply accepted that Steve Rodgers was in the present now, will little set-up of what he was going through, newly introduced to this time period after spending nearly 70 years covered in ice. Beyond the obvious references about technology, there was supposed to be this whole underlying plotline about how Rodgers was adapting to missing Peggy and the world he left behind.

Allegedly, there was a whole bunch of footage shot addressing this (up to half an hour's worth), and the film was meant to be seen through Rodgers' eyes in that sense. A lot of it was cut to focus on pacing and the larger arc, but this new deleted scene gives us a little more depth into that aspect of the film and a couple of minutes of Rodgers uncovering this new world.

If that's not enough it, also gives us a new Stan Lee cameo, so enjoy, via Latino Review:

The video also introduces us to the waitress Captain America saves later in the film, and while that small role felt a little out of place in the final film, I'm not sure this scene would have made that any different. In fact, while the scene itself is fine, I don't feel like the movie is any worse without it. It would have caused some pacing issues for the start of the film, and it's material that's probably best saved for Captain America: The Winter Soldier in 2014.

On top of that, I think I prefer the second cameo Stan Lee filmed, which was a little more self-aware and funny than this one. But hey, I would have been okay with two Stan Lee cameo as well.

In any case, Joss Whedon likely made the right choice dropping the scene, but we enjoy discussing what could have been if it was kept, and deleted scenes in general, frankly. You'll be able to see the full set of deleted scenes and alternate footage when The Avengers hits Bluray on September 25th.

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