Nicolas Cage to Star In Yet Another Nicolas Cage Movie, "I Am Wrath"

Sometimes I wonder if my undying love for Nicolas Cage and all the crappy movies that he does is ironic. But then, a project like this comes along, and it restores my faith in Cage as the greatest actor of our generation.

In what can only be described as a movie right out of the Nicolas Cage genre, news out of TIFF and via Deadline has Nicolas Cage starring in a film called "I Am Wraith". The synopsis pretty much speaks for itself:


Following the murder of his wife, Stanley (Cage) finds that the police are unable to catch the perpetrators. He uncovers a thick plot of police corruption and realizes that he will have to find justice on his own. As he awakens to the level of degradation of the people sworn to serve and protect, we get a little Rage in the Cage as he becomes a vigilante out to destroy those who abuse their power.

Yes, you read that right. Deadline used what we assume is a new idiom, "rage in the Cage". So yeah, someone murders Cage's wife, and then he takes on the entire police force to seek vengeance. And it sounds fantastic. The film was is written by Paul Sloan, with a story from Yvan Gauthier.

Cage has also signed on for a movie called "Joe" from David Gordon Green (Eastbound & Down, Pineapple Express), and despite the people involved, it's a dramatic picture. That film, which was also announced at the Toronto International Film Festival last week, centers around an ex-con who mentors a teenage son of a homeless family as they seek redemption together.

Cage is also slated to star in "Stolen" and "Frozen Ground" later this year, and he's rumored for a role in The Expendables 3 and as Thomas Edison in a Christian Bale film about Nikola Tesla. Now that's what I call satisfying my Cage Rage.

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That is a fantastic picture.

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I know. I think it's my new go-to cage picture after the "You Don't Say" face from Vampire's Kiss.