New Trailer For The Amazing Spider-Man Tells Us More About the Untold Story

When "The Amazing Spider-Man" was first announced, we weren't really sure what to think. As the news started to poor in, things didn't get much better. We found out the film would be another dreaded reboot that would retell the story of Spider-Man's origin, recasting the film with younger actors and putting it in a high school setting, a move that striked us as an attempt to tap into the Twilight market. It didn't help that it was pretty much just an admitted attempt by Sony to keep the rights to the franchise away from Marvel (if they didn't produce a movie by 2012 they would have lost the rights), after multiple failed attempts to get the cast of the original trilogy to make a fourth film.

Even the first teaser-trailer didn't help, as it basically showed off everything we already knew about the character, as well as an on-rails first-person sequence that probably wouldn't even be in the film. We were so unenthusiastic about the upcoming Sony film that we put it as low as 21st place on our most anticipated list of 2012 films.

But since then, the tide has begun to shift. Details have begun to surface that have made us more and more excited about the film. For starters, it has been reported that the film was shot on in 3D (not post-converted like so many other films these days), and that the filmmakers, led by director Marc Webb, were making a concerted effort to give us a truly original Spider-Man film. We scoffed at Sony's assertion that the film would give us the "untold story" about Marvel's flagship hero, but as it turns out, they weren't lying. The Amazing Spider-Man will tell the story of Peter Parker's parents, something that we've only seen in the comic books, as well as build on the relationship between Parker and Curt Connors (a.k.a. The Lizard) that never came to fruition in the original trilogy.

Last night, after a day where Sony screened the Comic-Con footage from the film in 3-D in theaters around the world, the full trailer for the film was unleashed on the Internet, and it seems to reinforce the growing hype for the film:

The new trailer seems to focus more on this "untold story", about Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) his father, and his relationship with Dr. Connors (Rhys Ifans), who eventually becomes the Lizard, who we have to say looks pretty cool in the footage, albeit unlike his comic book counterpart. It also gives a lot more screen time to Dennis Leary as Captain Stacy, father to Gwen (Emma Stone), Peter's girlfriend and classmate, although the latter doesn't seem to be the focus of the trailer. We get a deeper look into Spidey's technology, his costume and his crime fighting skills, and towards the end, a glimpse of what will certainly be one of the big setpieces in the film's action sequences.

While the trailer is of course in 2D, reports are surfacing that the 3-D footage was absolutely great as well. The same could be said about the action, as most of the sequences were shot with the least amount of CGI as possible, using stuntmen to do the actual web-slinging. But beyond the action and effects, the real dealbreaker here will be the storytelling, and it actually seems like Sony and Marvel are making an effort to give us something fresh, with a great cast, led by an actor in Andrew Garfield who we have no trouble believing as Peter Parker after viewing the footage above.

Whether the film will live up to this growing hype remains to be seen, especially considering the competition it has to go up against in The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, but we're definitely more excited now than we were a couple of months ago.