New Spider-Man Image; More Details Coming at Comic-Con

UPDATE: The EW shoot photos have surfaced! Head over to Entertainment Weekly for the photo gallery, which includes shots of the cast, the costume, and yes, mechanical web shooters.

It's been a crowded summer when it comes to comic book /superhero movies.

Back at the beginning of may, we saw Thor and the rest of Asgard grace our screens to start things off with a relative bang. A month later, X-Men: First Class lived up to its title, outclassing most of the comic book films behind it by being refreshing, cool, and full of good actors. A few weeks later, Green Lantern ruined everything by stinking up the joint with bad CGI and an even worse story. And next week, Captain America: The First Avenger will round out the foursome for the year.

But next year is when shit goes down. The Dark Knight Rises will likely break records as it is already the most anticipated movie of 2012, and it comes out on July 20th. The Avengers will cap (no pun intended) off a multi-year, multi-franchise effort by Marvel to introduce their most star-studded group of superheroes on May 4th. There's even a Ghost Rider movie coming out in February.

But hidden among all of these is one of the most successful film franchises and comic books of all time, set to get a reboot in early July. Early reactions have been mixed for "The Amazing Spider-Man", but in this writer's opinion, Sony has been doing most things right when it comes to the new movie so far.

Of course, the fact that the studios feel the need to reboot a franchise which made all of its money (and a lot of it) in the last decade is a little annoying, but it's a fact. If they can make a good movie out of it, then all will be forgiven.

Next week, we're set to get a first look at the Marc Webb-directed, Andrew Garfield-starring blockbuster, including a new look at the updated Spider-Man costume. We already know that the costume will have mechinal web-shooters like the comics, instead of the organic ones in previous films, but now we get our first, full-sized look at the new costume:

While the new picture offers little that we didn't already know, it does give us a better look at various elements of the costume, and nearly confirms that the filmmakers will be staying true to the comic books, at least when it comes to Spidey's look.

We'll know more of the story next week, as a bootleg trailer has already shown up online and will likely get an official play at Comic-Con, but so far, so good.

"The Amazing Spider-Man" will hit theaters July 3rd, 2012, and stars Andrew Garfield in the title role, as well as Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Dennis Leary, Martin Sheen and Sally Field.