Man of Steel News: First Look at Costume, Laurence Fishburne Cast

Details keep pouring in on the upcoming Superman reboot, the Zack Snyder film titled "The Man of Steel".

The most important new reveal from Warner Bros. is the first promotional image for the film, which features a first look at Henry Cavill as Superman, as well as the updated costume for the Kryptonian crime fighter:

Click here for a high-res image, courtesty of Screen Rant.

Of course, the costume's look will be torn apart by fans, but I have to say that I'm digging Clark Kent's new chops. The first thing I thought of when I saw the screen was that the costume -- at least the material -- looks a lot like Spider-Man costume from his own Marc Webb-directed reboot. Hollywood seems to be drifting away from the fabric/spandex costumes that we all know our heroes to wear, and more into a rubbery/wetsuit like material, or at least a more metal-ish look for some. And it makes sense.

These characters were obviously conceptualized during a time when costumes like this weren't really around. The result was fabric costumes, at best spandex, that didn't really make sense considering the activities of those who wore them. Nowaways, rubber is readily available and more comfortable, so the change makes sense, especially if directors plan on taking a more "realistic" approach to these origin stories.

But unlike Spider-Man, Superman's costume doesn't really feel torn from the books. It actually looks quite unique, and a major departure from previous Superman costumes.

Henry Cavill on putting it on for the first time, over at Total Film:


“It’s extremely cool. There’s no other feeling like it. […] They just put it on, I turned around and look in the mirror and you can’t really play it cool – you sort of guffaw and laugh. I thought ‘OK, holy hell, this is real, it’s not a joke anymore. This is it…you’re doing it, you’re right in the middle of it.’”

I don't really have a problem with the hair, facial expressions, or emblem either, but the cape does seem kinda long. In any case, I'm sure the thing will get torn apart, but I do like that Warner Bros ambiguously shaded out Superman's nether-regions, hiding what's likely the red underwear that we all cringe at when first seeing.

We also got a look at Superman as his alter-ego, Clark Kent, in two images, sporting the infamous hair curl and all. Click and here to view the images.

I'm not really certain why this franchise is being rebooted. Yes, most if not all the Superman films after the first two were terrible, but this is a story that everyone knows, from the comics, to the films, to several TV shows and even cartoons.We know how Clark Kent becomes Superman, and we don't need to hear it again. But we'll give it a chance, even with Snyder at the helm, at least until we see a trailer.

While on the subject of Superman, the studio also announced yet another actor to join the cast this week, and it might not please a lot of fans.

Laurence Fishburne has joined an already extremely stacked cast, and he will portray Perry White, Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Bugle, where Clark Kent is employed.

The obvious issue here is that Fishburne doesn't... um... share the same physical characteristics as the original character conceptualized by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel in the thirties, which is sort of ironic considering the character's last name. It's the latest in a long line of controversial casting decisions which has irked fans because they don't match the skin color of the characters they know and love.

I'll stop short of accusing them of being a certain word that begins with an "R", but personally, it actually doesn't bother me in the slightest. There's something that has to be considered here. When Shuster and Siegel created Superman and White, it was the late 1930s and early 40s. People of different skin colors weren't exactly treated as equals in many societies, and even if they were, I'm certain many heads would be turned if a black man was made the editor-in-chief of a large newspaper. I'm not accusing comic book artists from earlier in the 20th century of being racists, but the fact of the matter is that colored characters were limited to certain roles.

Now, it's 2011. The 21st century. These taboos don't, or at least shouldn't exist anymore. I'm certain that no one reading this has any problem visualizing a black man as the editor of a newspaper. I don't think we're ready to see a man of another race as one of our well-known superheroes yet, but interestingly, Marvel took a step towards that this week, unveiling a new, black/hispanic Spider-Man who takes over for Peter Parker upon his death. But the fact that there's been somewhat of an uproar towards the new character is reason enough to justify why we need to cast African-Americans, Hispanics, even Asians as these characters.

Our society is composed of people of all backgrounds, all colors, all cultures, and we accept them all as equals. This isn't the 1940s. It should make no difference whether Perry White, Miss Moneypenny, either of Kane & Lynch, or even Spider-Man himself is black, white, yellow, red, green, blue or indigo. Especially in movies, where all that should matter is whether the actor chosen to fill a role can do a good job with it, regardless of the color of their skin.

It's not a matter of affirmative action or diversity or anything like that. It's common sense. And all that a discussion takes away from is the fact that Laurence Fishburne is actually an awesome actor, and a great choice for the role.

The real discussion here should be the fact that as early as three weeks ago, it was reported that the Man of Steel script was being reworked, even though it has already entered production, and that regardless of skin color, Snyder and Warner Bros. are stacking the cast of the film with a ridiculous list of actors, which is usually a sign that the film probably won't be very good.

So I hope that we can let go this ridiculous discussion of what skin color a fictional character should be, and focus on something more important, like the fact that things aren't looking so peachy for this movie.

The Man of Steel is due in theaters June 13, 2013, and stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe, Chris Meloni, and now Laurence Fishburne.