The Dark Knight Rises: Trailer Number 2 and Bane Prologue

This past weekend, Warner Bros. was kind enough to give us TWO (count ‘em!) previews for their upcoming super-blockbuster, The Dark Knight Rises. The first was a five minute “prologue” that gave us a proper introduction to Christopher Nolan’s Bane. The second, a proper trailer with an emphasis on Catwoman and the state of Gotham City heading into the film. As per usual, we’re here to bring you the details for both.

Bane Prologue
First, if you were lucky enough to catch Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol in IMAX this past weekend, then you were treated to a 5 or 6 minute “prologue” of sorts, presenting to the viewers a short-story involving Bane (Tom Hardy), as the criminal mastermind infiltrated a CIA plane in order to find out whether a colleague had spilled the beans about his operation.

Once discovered, the opposing CIA agent scoffs, wondering how Bane will escape his clutches as they fly through the air on a private jet. What follows is one of the best set pieces I’ve seen coming from Nolan, and if you’ve seen any of his previous movies, then you know that’s definitely a huge compliment. A bigger plane appears above the one Bane finds himself in, from which a group of mercenaries swings down, hooking the smaller plane and raising it from its tail, essentially tearing it in half.

In many ways, the scene mirrors the opening scene of The Dark Knight, where Nolan introduces us to The Joker (Heath Ledger) through an ambitious bank heist. Bane towers over the audience and the 70mm IMAX screens, in more ways than one, and instantly introduces himself as a worth opponent to Bruce Wayne and Batman, if for no other reason than his epic presence.

Still, there are some issues with the prologue, namely in the sound department. It was hard to understand most of what Bane was saying the whole time under the mask, but that will probably be fixed in post-production. The whole thing didn’t really have a point, and didn’t give us all that much insight into the Bane character or where he comes from, but did its job in hyping the film by using the IMAX screen to the best of its capabilities and delivering the type of action we’ve come to expect from Nolan and his crew.

You could probably find a bootleg copy of the film online, but you really have to go see it for yourself. Seeing the full effect on an IMAX screen is something that won’t be easily reproduced on a Youtube video. If the preview delivers on anything, it’s the score of the project overall, and that’s huge.

Official Trailer Number 2

If instead you decided to head to theatres to see ”Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” (review coming later this week), then you were also in for a Batman-related treat, as the film came attached with the second official trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, to go along with the prologue and this past summer’s teaser trailer.

This one featured much less of Bane, giving us a sneak peak at another set piece in the film, this one the much publicized (read: leaked) football stadium collapse (along with the prison breakout), as well as a closer look at Catwoman. We finally get to see what’s likely her final mask, after not one, but two teases via set photos. Nolan and the gang make sure to throw in a glimpse or two at Marion Cotillard and Joseph-Gordon Levitt, both playing roles that have been shrouded in mystery and speculation.

Here it is, in all it’s glory:

So, what do we learn, that we of course didn’t already know? For starters, it seems as if Gotham has been relatively peaceful in the eight years since Batman vanquished the city from The Joker. We also see an older Bruce Wayne hobbling and looking like he’s on the brink, and plenty of teasing towards some sort of apocalyptic event.

It’s obviously still way too early to make any concrete assumptions about the plot, but we can probably give a stab at where it’s heading. Bruce Wayne/Batman will somehow be defeated, or broken, and will have to rise up to face Bane before he destroys the city.

Do we really need to talk about this anymore? Watch the trailer, go and see Mission: Impossible in IMAX, and get excited for The Dark Knight Rises, which hits theatres July 20th, 2012.