The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer is Here

Last week, we showed you the first teaser poster for The Dark Knight Rises. The poster didn't really tell us much, other than showing a set of crumbling skyscrapers forming the the bat logo, which, of course, implies that Batman must first fall, before rising. The poster was in line with posters for Nolan's previous work, especially Inception, so there really wasn't much to be surprised about, but it was still awesome.

Today (or rather, late Thursday night, for those that saw Harry Potter over the weekend), the first official teaser trailer was finally revealed for the film, which is currently filming. Without mincing anymore words, here it is:

I'll let you make your own assumptions after viewing the video, but the whole thing definitely raises a whole lot of questions and topics for discussion, as much as it answers our theories prior to its release.

For starters, Commissioner Gordon is definitely talking to Bruce Wayne instead of Batman, while struggling for breathe on a hospital bed, about Batman's "rise" (and the question of who or what put Gordon on his deathbed is an interesting topic in and of itself). Are they just speaking in generalities? Does Gordon find out who Batman is?

Follow that with a glimpse of batman backing away from an imposing, masked brute (Tom Hardy's Bane) in what can only be described as horror, is just awesome. Hardy looks like a beast both in that frame, and an earlier one of his face

How does Bane come to be such a brute force that he horrifies Batman? Why is Batman so exhausted? Is that when Bane "breaks" him?

And these two points are obviously only the beginning. I'm still fine tuning my epic frame-by-frame prediction of what I think is going to happen in the movie -- that's how much I've thought about this movie in the last few months -- and the teaser didn't even try to address the roles of Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and Marion Cotillard, who are certain to play major roles in the film.

Despite the fact that this year has already been filled with a ridiculous amount of TDKR rumors and discussion, this is only bound to set off even more speculation and hype for what might be the most highly anticipated movie of all time.

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Patrick Storto's picture

The scene of Gordon shattering the bat-signal is from the end of The Dark Knight.

Either way, it's a great teaser trailer. Gives away almost nothing, but still generates a buzz.

George Prax's picture

Good catch Pat, I didn't think of that (for the bat signal). But I disagree, I think it gives away more than it might seem. Enough for fans to make assumptions about Bane and the portions of the story. More than the normal teaser.