The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer: Too Many Villains, Or Logical Evolution?

We all remember the disaster that was Spider-Man 3. A mixture of Sam Raimi running out of stories to tell and the executive shoehorning of Venom into the movie turned what had been, up to that point, possibly the best superhero adaptation movie franchise, into a veritable clusterfuck. There were too many villains, none of them were given the attention they deserved, and the film glossed over arguably one of the best characters in Spider-Man lore in Venom. Plus the movie had an emo dance sequence.

Then, in order to keep the potential billion-dollar franchise away from Marvel's hands, Sony brought in Marc Webb to reboot the franchise with The Amazing Spider-Man, and the end result was a good superhero movie, but one that felt it unfortunately necessary to retell that character's origin story in order to introduce the aspect of Peter Parker's parents. The film itself was good, but you were left wondering why you had to sit through another two hours of Uncle Ben dying.

Still, Webb's version did a good job of introducing certain aspects of genetics and human advancement that weren't around in the mostly robotic and more cartoonish Raimi trilogy. And if you go back to those movies now, especially the first two, it most definitely needed a facelift in terms of FX as well. It set up a lot for Andrew Garfield's Spidey to do in potential sequels, and that was enough to sort of justify what's going on.

But it was a contentious battle among fans and critics, who seemed split over what was presented. By the looks of the trailer for the sequel below, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it's only going to be an even tougher battle for Webb and the gang to help fans swallow what they're going to see in theaters May 2nd, 2014.

See for yourself:

As you can probably tell, the new film introduced a lot of new characters and puts Spidey up against three new villains: Electro, portrayed by Jamie Foxx, Rhino, played by Paul Giamatti, and Harry Osborn, who looks like he'll done the Green Goblin armor and played by Dane DeHaan (and Chris Cooper joining the film as a seemingly sick Norman Osborn) (and the film still co-stars Emma Stone, Sally Field and Felicity Jones as well).

Compared to Sandman, Venom and once again Green Goblin, is that too many? At a glance, it's the same number, naturally, but I think that the circumstances could end up being different.

In Spider-Man 3, Sandman was an obscure villain no one really cared about, Venom too big a villain to gloss over in one movie, and we had seen the Goblin twice already. Now we have three fresh, recognizable villains, but how do you balance introducing all three in one film.

According to rumors and what we've heard so far, Giamatti's role will be an introductory one, likely keeping Rhino around for the third film. Foxx's role will be bulkier and the viral campaign he's received so far seems to suggest that he'll play an important role in the film, and at least in my head, I already know Harry Osborn and Green Goblin from the Raimi films, and all of that was teased in the first movie, so maybe Webb won't make the same mistakes in this movie regarding that whole arc.

Plus we've gotten these teases and hints that the franchise is building towards the Sinister Six as Spidey's nemesis in the third film, and that's a good thing. Because Spider-Man has always been a character with a lot of villains who often team up against him and to wreak havoc on New York. So it's not entirely unthinkable that there could be many of them in one film, they just have to be handled properly and can't be Venom.

So I'm holding out hope for now, because the movie looks good and action packed, and I did in fact like the first installment. In other words, in Webb we trust. Do you feel the same way?

Here's a set of posters revealing the villains released earlier this week (click to enlarge):

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Syranda Raffoul's picture

I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that this will be good for building further films in the series. It's not like multiple villains tag teaming Spiderman is unheard of in the comics or the cartoons, and it ups the stakes as long as they show some juggling skills. I am a bit surprised that we're doing Green Goblin again so soon, given that they've avoided repeating characters otherwise. But DeHaan was bloody brilliant in Kill Your Darlings so happy to see him cast Smile

George Prax's picture

Yeah the villain team-up is pretty central to Spider-Man because he has so many of them. You just have to be careful of it on the big screen. DeHaan is great. Haven't seen Kill Your Darlings but I believe it.