50/50 Trailer: Making Fun Of (or With) Cancer?

Cancer isn't funny. That's likely something I don't really need to say. But the situations surrounding cancer can be humorous. At least, light-hearted.

In "50/50", Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Adam, a 27-year-old healthy man who is suddenly diagnosed with cancer. After breaking the news to his best friend Kyle (Seth Rogen), Adam goes through all the trials and tribulations of a man recently diagnosed with cancer, dealing with it in different ways.

These types of movies must be incredibly difficult to make. The subject matter obviously flirts the line of a very serious issue in cancer, that many people -- albeit, seemingly less and less people every year -- can't really relate to. We all know people affected by cancer, but unless you've had it, you likely don't know what it feels like. So it's going to be interesting to see someone like Joseph Gordon-Levitt play someone in the early stages of cancer, as well as to see how the film treats the disease.

Obviously, but the looks of the trailer below, they're obviously going to show the "lighter" side of cancer, or at least the side that makes you try and keep your spirits up. The plot of the film seems a lot like 2009's "Funny People", in which Adam Sandler, a successful comedian, also deals with a disease, although that film seems is likely a tad more serious in tone. Interestingly, 50/50 seems to take a totally opposite approach than Gordan-Levitt's previous critically acclaimed film, "(500 Days of) Summer", which, despite being very good, does feel a tad pretentious at times for making certain trivial first-world problems seem way too serious.

So, 50/50 is going to be, for lack of a better term, interesting. How much of it is going to be serious? Is it going to over-simplify and satirize cancer, or is it just going to offer a light-hearted, fun view of how people may deal with it, while remaining grounded? The trailer seems to suggest that it could go either way. It looks fun, it looks funny, and Rogen seems able to control what usually makes him unappealing, but I'm not really a fan of Anna Kendrick, as everything she does seems forced, and you have to wonder whether the rest of the film will vary in tone. Here's the trailer:

50/50, due to arrive in theaters September 30th, is directed by first-timer Jonathan Levine, and written by another new arrival to the major motion picture scene, Will Reiser. Along with Gordon-Levitt and Rogen, the film sports a supporting cast which includes Anna Kendrick, Bryce Dallas Howard, Angelica Huston, and Philip Baker Hall.