Will Assassin's Creed III Take Place During the American Revolution?

Update: Confirmed by Ubisoft with official box art revealed. Click here for more details.


Expect us to speculate about this a lot until Ubisoft makes things official, but it looks as if we might have our first clue as to where the next Assassin's Creed game will take place. We've known for a while now that Assassin's Creed III< was coming sometime in 2012. Earlier this month, this was confirmed by Ubisoft, along with an October 30th release date.

But of course, that left us to speculate about where and when the game would take place. We've discussed everything from Feudal Japan to London and Moscow, but an image captured by a Best Buy employee and sent to Kotaku may reveal that the game will actually take place during the American Revolution.

The image shows what looks to be a native-American draped in an Assassin's costume with an 18th century American twist, standing in front of the original Continental US flag. In one hand, he has a gun. In the other, a tomahawk, and he looks to be carrying a bow and arrows on his back, along with the various swords and knifes we've become accustomed to.

Here's the (pretty epic) picture (click to enlarge):

The Kotaku post also states that Ubisoft will reveal the game on March 5th, along with the pre-order bonuses you'd expect.

Of course, the character would likely have to be half-native American, seeing as Desmond's bloodline comes from Eurasia, but it would make sense. Italians had been traveling to the Americas since the 15th century, so it's not inconceivable that a union between someone on those boats and a native-American lady could happen with one of Ezio's grandkids or great-grandkids or something. Obviously the Assassin bloodline had to get to the other side of the pond at some point for us to get Desmond. A native-American hero definitely makes sense, with both the British and colonists fighting it out and the natives right in the middle, battling both sides while fighting against atrocities of the time.

The only concern I have is with the architecture of the area in that time. For a while I thought that if it were to take place in America, it would have to be in the 19th century around the time of the Civil War, where the architecture in places such as New York and Boston was similar to that overseas. Seeing as the US is still a collection of colonies during the Revolutionary War, you'd have to imagine that most areas are more open and more sparingly populated, which would make being an Assassin, crossing rooftops and getting around undetected all the more difficult. But then again, that could be Ubisoft's intention. As we've stated so many times before, even when we reviewed the last game, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, we said that if Ubisoft were to do this again after such a short time, they'd have to make a considerable amount of changes. Just by looking at this image, if it is indeed real, this could very well be the case.

We'll have to wait and see whether any of this is true. In the meantime, you can check out the Revelations Lost Archives DLC, which is on PSN and XBLA now.

UPDATE 10AM March 1st: The Assassin's Creed Facebook page is teasing an announcement later today, as well as something to come in "a few days". Moreover, NeoGaf has uncovered even more evidence, with a banner that depicts our new Native American hero on an iconic painting of George Washington. Click to enlarge:

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Tylerr Rietze's picture

Deal. Only way to sell me on U.S. of Assassin's for AC3. Native guy! It totally makes sense, too. Natives vs the Oppressive, and potentially Templar, settlers! Plus the equipment makes sense, too! Done and done. I want it.

Matt Langdale's picture

I'm okay with this. Though if they're going to shoehorn every damn race into Desmond's blood stream, I would have much preferred the scenario set in feudal Japan that they were talking about a while back.

I can't be the only one thinking they might be injecting a little RDR into the Assasin's bloodstream with the period it's set in though. As you said, it would need to have a lot of open land, which would mean a lot of horseback riding.



Assassin's Creed III gameplay.

George Prax's picture

lmao, that's why you posted that.

I would have loved Japan from a certain standpoint, but this definitely makes more sense. Desmond is American, so his bloodline has to transfer over at some point and considering they make a point to continuously mention how important the Templar vs. Assassin thing was to American history then it would make sense to have the Assassin bloodline be there from the Revolutionary War. Obviously they didn't have to make him native (if they do anyway), but that would be a good way to make sure he has enough different kinds of people to fight. Either way, I really like that poster lol

Tylerr Rietze's picture

I like the idea of how they mentioned 'The Farm' in previous games, where Desmond came from, and now they seem to be going to that. I mean, the native people have been in North America for AGES, so with the concept of a First Generation of peoples on the earth before humans, it makes sense that people with the blood of the "Ones Who Came Before", like Ezio and Desmond, would exist on the continent.

I think along those lines, it makes sense that it's a native person, since they like to tinker with history so much, and they could suggest that the Templars found out the natives here were basically like Assassins in their blood makeup, abilities, and mindset, so they planned to eradicate the population, where, once hearing wind of this, the European Assassins went as well to help out and find Pieces of Eden. There's more than enough Aztec or Mayan imagery to suggest the inclusion of Pieces of Eden in their practices.

George Prax's picture

Holy fuck, I didn't even think of it that way. We'll be able to visit the same areas Desmond does in the present probably, like how he went to the Italian Villa in Brotherhood (although obviously you don't play there as Ezio other than the opening sequence). That's gonna be really cool. And I like how you mentioned the Azteks/Mayans, that could be a good follow up if they wanted to do something completely different for the next trilogy.