What if Mario Got His Hands on a Portal Gun?

What would happen if our favorite Italian plumber got his hands on a Portal gun?

That's all you really have to know for this one:

You probably won't believe us, but apparently, this is actually happening. A two-man team called Stab Yourself is apparently working on a full Mario Portal game called Mari0, for release on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Before you ask any lawyery questions, the duo believes that what they're doing is legally a parody, and they're not making a single cent on the game.

Mari0 will feature all the levels from the original Super Mario Bros. game, as well as the Lost Levels and yet to be revealed downloadable "map packs" which will be available in-game. It will also have a level editor, and a Portal favorite co-op multiplayer.

The fact that this is happening is making me incredibly happy right now.

We've actually seen this concept before, as a joke, courtesy of Dorkly:

No release date for Mari0 has been announced, but we want it. Now.