Tokyo Game Show Vita News: Japan Release Date, Games, Battery Life, More

Better take a deep break, because we have a slew of news out of this week's Tokyo Game Show in regards to the highly anticipated Playstation Vita.

What we already know:

  • Sony announced the name for the console at E3 2011, along with a bunch of game reveals and details.
  • They revealed even more at this past August's Gamescom 2011, including the reveals for Resistance 3: Burning Skies, and a bunch of Ubisoft titles.
  • The specs for the devices were also revealed. The Vita will have twice the ram of the PS3.
  • Finally, Sony was planning on bringing 30 games to TGS this week, 18 of which were unannounced.

Got it? Good. Now, here's what we found out late last night from the Tokyo Game Show:

- The biggest news has to be the release date for the device. Unfortunately, we don't know when any of us East of the Pacific Ocean will be able to get our hands on the Vita. But people in Japan will finally be able to buy the vita on December 17th, 2011. The 3G + Wifi model will be available for 29,980 Yen (or about $387.50 US), and the Wifi-only model will be 24,980 Yen (or $322.85 US). The system is expected to be released over here early in 2012. Pre-orders start October 15th.

- The nice man on stage also demonstrated the initial Vita setup, if, you know, you're into that sort of thing. [Endgadget]

Here's a picture of some of the system's accessories:

- "Most" PSP titles will be available for the Vita via the Playstation Network (since the Vita doesn't support UMDs), but no details were offered.

- A whopping 26 titles will be available for Japanese consumers in December. Those games are highlighter by Ultimate MVC, Ninja Gaiden, Wipeout, Super Stardust, and, of course, Riiiiidge Racer! Here's the full list:


Ys: Celceta Sea of Trees, Lord of Apocalypse, Ninja Gaiden: Sigma, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Hell’s Army, DJ Max Technika, Katamari, Browser 3 Kingdom, Bass Fishing, F1 2011, Dragon’s Crown, God Eater 2, Escape Plan, Sound Shapes, Sawari Makuru, Super Stardust Delta, Reality Fighter 0, WipeOut, Riiiiiidge Racer

- A total of 100 titles are expected for the "launch window" for the Vita, but when that window was open was not specified.

- 2012 will see HD collection remakes of "Zone of the Enders" and "Metal Gear Solid".

- Square Enix also made an appearance at the event to announce an HD remake of "Final Fantasy 10", but don't expect it for the launch window (do, however, expect it for PS3 as well).

- One negative note about the Vita, the battery life is only slated to be about 3.5 hours, with a whopping 2 hours and 40 minutes of USB recharge time.

Joystiq liveblogged the whole press conference, so you can check out more details there.

The details will certainly continue to roll in, but as of now, even though most of the above has only been confirmed for Japan, are you more or less excited for the Playstation Vita?